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FIBA World Cup 2014: USA Basketball Showcase Roster, Time, and Game Thread

I am sure you're going to want to watch this . . . 7 PM MT, on ESPN!

"We're on the same team now. Change your shirt." "No, YOU change your shirt"
"We're on the same team now. Change your shirt." "No, YOU change your shirt"
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight USA Basketball will finish their camp in Las Vegas with a televised game. It's going to be at 7 pm MT, on ESPN. It's the Whites against the Blues. And honestly, I don't know if these teams are fair.

Check it.

Blue Team White Team
# Player Tm Pos # Player Tm Pos
43 Stephen Curry GSW 1 2 23 Kyrie Irving CLE 1 2
42 Derrick Rose CHI 1 2 22 Damian Lillard POR 1 2
45 John Wall WAS 1 32 James Harden HOU 2 1
33 DeMar DeRozan TOR 2 3 28 Bradley Beal WAS 2
29 Paul George IND 3 2 21 Klay Thompson GSW 2 3
24 Gordon Hayward UTA 3 2 52 Kevin Durant OKC 3 4
39 Kyle Korver ATL 3 2 34 Chandler Parsons DAL 3 2
75 Anthony Davis NOP 4 5 51 Paul Millsap ATL 4 3
41 Kenneth Faried DEN 4 3 36 DeMarcus Cousins SAC 5 4
30 Mason Plumlee BKN 5 4 25 Andre Drummond DET 5 4
C Monty Williams NOP C Tom Thibodeau CHI

We Utah Jazz fans have obvious rooting interest in Blue because of Gordon Hayward and Kyle Korver, but let's not forget Paul Millsap reps White on the other side of the court. As a traditionalist, I look at the bigs first, and unless Anthony Davis has been beating everyone all week long, then there's no way there is parity inside here. White also has a bunch of guys who have gone to the NBA Finals together in Kevin Durant and James Harden at the 2 and 3. Durant also gives White the ability to go with a stretch four in a small ball lineup. I guess Blue will have to counter attack with their point guards shooting a lot. Hooray for that style of basketball . . .


. . . if Blue is going to win they are going to have to play defense. While I may think these teams are unfair, the braintrust of USA Basketball must not. And they must want to see certain things from each player and each mini-group that will be on the floor.

It's going to be a fun game. Watch it at 7 pm MT on ESPN.