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Utah Jazz Social Media Sunday: Remembering the dream team, and summer vacations

I hope you enjoy these!


Another week, and another wild adventure in Utah Jazz -land's social media landscape!


Remember that team that had Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing, and Christian Laettner? That was over twenty years ago. Wow, has it been this long? I feel very old right now.

Flashback Friday! 22 years ago today, the @usabasketball #DreamTeam took home GOLD!

Btw, count the Hall of Famers!


The big news this week was Karl Malone 's wife, Kay, reaching the milestone of the big 5-0! Her friends and family came out in droves to show her the love she deserves.

Apparently there was a surprise visit from Kimberli Russell, Bryon Russell 's wife.

About last night.... showed up in the "dirty south" to surprise this diva 4 her birthday. I met her about 21 years ago in the Jazz Wives room. Still in college and scared to death. Didn't know what to this world of ball players & divas would be like. The minute I entered the room, Kay Malone walked up, introduced herself & said "I got you". That started our amazing friendship. We have soooo many wonderful memories together. She was right with me through ever pregnancy & child birth. Don't know what I would have done without her. I slept at her house many times when Bryon & Karl were playing basketball on the rode. Can't say enough about her. Happy Birthday @mamail32 we partying all weekend! #50 #turnup #mybff #sisterhood #NBA #Nbafamily @behindthebenchnbwa


Of course we love Kay for who she is, but also for sharing crazy pieces of her life and her family with us -- like this video of Karl Malone 's youngest daughter after having her wisdom teeth removed.

Is it going to be like this, forever? #IsThisRealLife


Former Jazzman Andrei Kirilenko's adopted daughter Alexandra also had a birthday!

Masha also had this to post, which is hilarious.


While AK-47 was on vacation, Mehmet Okur and son were putting in work in the gym. Why isn't this guy working for the Utah Jazz yet?

Btw, Memo's son totally has this "I'm so done, let's watch cartoons" face


How did I miss this goodie box that General Mills sent to Trevor Booker?


Trey Burke selfies? Yes, those are still a thing.

And here's a pic of him that he did NOT take.


This week Rudy Gobert went back in the time machine with this pic.

And then flashed forward a few decades to become this guy.


As a point of direct comparison Kyrylo Fesenko remains a child.

That's of him in an airplane (coach?) flying from Minny to Paris. And the thing next to him is his adjacent seat passenger with a blanket over his or her head.


You know what? I'd sign Dee Brown to be our 3rd string PG. He's a lot more mature now, and has crazy dedication to being who he is. Here he is taking a pic with a random fan.

First off I want to thank this amazing, friendly kid who smiled said hello and eased my fears of the GIANT DROP! He also was wearing the best t shirt in the world so I asked him to take a selfie with me and he said OF COURSE, thank you! He was so alive and full with energy made my day REAL TALK!!

And here's a pic of him with his shirt off, from three days ago. Dude is cut.

And here is a pic his wife took of them, while he was in the parking lot giving a phone interview.


I don't understand Olden Polynice. He's really connected it seems, as Arsenio Hall is like his best friend in real life. Well, here he was at some other fancy gala the other day taking pics with Wesley Snipes (Passenger 57, Blade, Tax Evasion run from government to live in an African cult for a while) and Terry Crews (Old Spice commercials, The Expendables, Everybody hates Chris, etc)

No, really. This dude is connected . . . somehow. Here he is with Barry Bonds and Paul Pierce.

Maybe this explains why he never got in trouble for having that police badge. He's part of the Illuminati.


Mo Williams knows how to party at weddings.

And yes, that was Damian Lillard, Jason Richardson, and other NBA players.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have C.J. Miles on his way to work out. He seems to be working out twice a day in August. That's crazy. Or maybe our teen has grown up and knows that with Lance Stephenson in Charlotte and Paul George injured that he needs to be there for his team this season.

I predict that he will be ready.


And last, but not least, Derrick Favors' wifey Shivolli is having some fun.

For some reason it reminded me of those old Charles Barkley ads "anything less would be uncivilized." Here she is with Derrick Favors, how much do we love these kids? So much!

And this has to be a custom made t-shirt, right?


Thanks again to the awesome people who make up the Utah Jazz family, and thanks for sharing so much of your lives with us the fans! Big things coming this year for our team, and we will be right there to be loud for you when the games start!