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The Downbeat #1427- Utah Jazz Offseason

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

This slipped by Amar, in yesterday's Social Media Sunday, but here's Ronda Burke and her crew (Ian Clark's mom and Alec Burks' mom) at an event for Mother's of Pro Basketball Players

The MPBP is a nonprofit organization made up of women whose children played professional basketball in the NBA, or abroad. They recently had their annual conference in Orlando. The organization helps mothers deal with being in a pro basketball family and they support each other by discussing how to keep their pro baller children throughout their playing career. They also raise money for the UNCF (United Negro College Fund).

Sounds like a great group of ladies.

On Saturday Zach Harper (@talkhoops) posted his offseason grades for the Jazz. Overall, it was a very favorable review:

Their goal was to add young dynamic talent and a good, young coach this offseason while keeping Hayward on their books. They accomplished all that.

Click on over to take a look at what Zach has to say, then tell us if you agree.

Congratulations to Dennis Lindsey's son Jake! He has been offered a scholarship by the University of Utah. Kyle Goon of the Salt Lake Tribune has the details:

With six offers on his plate already with more likely on the way, the three-star-rated Lindsey said he likes what he sees when it comes to the Utes.

Jake has been playing for Olympus High for the last 2 years, after the family moved from San Antonio.

FIBA Update:

Saturday the Boomers took on Ukraine (sans-Fes) and won easily, 75-60. Exum finished with 14/3/3 on 6-7 shooting

On Friday, France beat Croatia 81-71. Rudy had 7/5/1bs on 2-4, in 18 minutes of play

Finding boxscores for FIBA friendlies is not an easy task.

Sometimes SLC Dunk gets accused of being too homogeneous, having "hive mind," or engaging in "groupthink". If you follow us on Twitter, or read our individual posts, you'll see that this isn't the case. The latest example comes from this article about the recent O'Bannon Case decision. Jon and I have very different opinions on the NCAA and the NBA's push for a raise to the age limit.

I believe that it's unjust to force players into a specific career path, thereby limiting their earning potential. Jon thinks it's fair for NBA teams to want more data with which to evaluate players. What do you think?