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The Oasis of the Off-season Desert Edition - The Downbeat #1430

The NBA schedule was finally released and now we have some things to talk about. How much does the Jazz schedule affect the team's wins and losses?

Charles Henry (Flickr/Creative Commons)

As we crawl through the expanse of the off-season, trying to survive on drops off Jazz news, it's nice to reach an oasis such as the schedule release. Amar has already provided the longest "quick" analysis of the Jazz season schedule. I'm waiting for the full analysis which will provide details which will incorporate weather forecasts, NBA groupie information for away games, the economic impact Gordon Hayward will have on local Olive Gardens (will he splurge with the new contract and get dessert?), and

Hopefully you haven't put down any money yet on the over/under for Jazz wins this season because this little tidbit of information could move the needle a bit for you:

I have the Jazz going 27-0 in those contests.

But really, that should be worth 2-3 more wins provided that the Jazz can take advantage. This doesn't show if the Jazz are coming off of no rest or whether they're at home, but really, the Jazz have all the youth in the world on their side so they should be to get a couple of wins if these games are close late.

It was also reported that the All-star break will be extended to one week with everyone getting at least eight days off. The Jazz will play on February 11 and then not play again until February 20. Trey Burke and Dante Exum have a high likelihood of being there for a couple of days. Everyone else should get a nice break.

The Jazz will have just three national games with two on NBA TV (Pelicans [home] & Nets [away]) and one on ESPN against the Wizards at home. No surprises there. I knew a Christmas Day game was out of the question but was hoping to land one on Festivus. We struck out there as well.

You may think that there's too much made of the schedule release but in a week when you're crying for a drink of something, don't say I didn't warn you. Fill your canteen up. Or you know, go outside and enjoy the last bit of summer (or winter if you're reading from the southern hemisphere).

And now, we wait.

I might be stepping on Prodigal Punk's toes here but for some reason, I've wondered recently what the NBA fashion scene would be like had the league not enacted the dress code nearly ten years ago. It was derided by a lot of players at the time particularly Paul Pierce and Allen Iverson for being anti hip-hop culture. If you remember correctly, it came shortly after the Malice in the Palace and the league was looking to improve its image.

A lot of the superstars have embraced the fashion, with some taking it to an extreme, and the rest of the league has followed along. If the more casual dress code had been left in place, what would the players be wearing to games today?

One day, we'll all be immortalized by Mizuho Nishio as Jazz fans. Until then, we'll continue to appreciate his work including this masterpiece from yesterday as he recreates Robyn's IG of her getting ignored

He pretty much has a recording studio in there which begs the question: when do we get a follow-up to his hit single Too Big Yo?

With the schedule out, the pocket schedule should be hitting your local convenience store and LHM properties. Here are a couple of classics courtesy of Who should grace the cover this season?


Hayward might be an obvious choice but I believe he's been on twice in the past few years. There might be multiple players with perhaps a triumverate of Hayward, Derrick Favors, Trey Burke, and Exum. Or maybe they go with a team approach and go with a note.

I would love to see one like the 92 schedule but with Mizuho Nishio doing the drawing.

Poll time!