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Trey Burke Is A Top 15 Guard in the NBA? The Downbeat #1432

Kevin Pelton is losing his mind. And we're reaping the benefits.

Kevin Pelton thinks Trey Burke is going to take a big step next year.
Kevin Pelton thinks Trey Burke is going to take a big step next year.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Somebody saw Alec Burks last night at Brewtop.  Of course, Alec Burks is showing off his trademarked grin/smile/frown/whatever face.  I think.  What do you even call it?

Kevin Pelton of rated the top point guards in WARP for next year.  For those of you who don't know what WARP is it is:

WARP stands for Wins Above Replacement Player. The term and concept are borrowed from sabermetrics and, specifically, Baseball Prospectus. Conceptually, the WARP system seeks to evaluate players in the context of a team made up of them and four completely average players. The performance of this team is then compared to that of a team made up of four average players and one replacement-level player. The method draws heavily on the work of Dean Oliver. (h/t) Sonics Central

So now that we have that figured out, where does Dante Exum and Trey Burke lie on this rater?

Somewhere between 10-15.

Kevin Pelton:

The next five: Goran Dragic, Deron Williams, Kemba Walker, Michael Carter-Williams, Trey Burke

Dragic's career season puts him on the verge of the elite, while Williams' worst season drops him from the top five.

Is Trey Burke really a top 15 point guard?  I'm not so sure but I like where this discussion is heading.

Enes Kanter could be making big dough after his extension.  Why?  Because he's big.  That's why.  But what is a fair value for Enes Kanter?  The Utah Jazz have a tough decision ahead of them as they gauge the NBA market for people like Enes Kanter.  Do they extend Enes now before his confidence and ability is built up by the University of Snyder?  Or do they have Enes Kanter go through a "prove it or lose it" season?  As evidenced by Gordon Hayward this summer, even if Enes Kanter struggles it only takes one team to throw down big money to try to steal away a restricted free agent.

In addition to Enes Kanter and the Utah Jazz facing big financial decisions this year, Enes Kanter is actually being a part of the coaching circle.  By that, I mean, he actually is with the coach willingly outside of a practice.  We have tweeting proof that Enes Kanter actually was with Quin Snyder out of a practice.  What I'm about to show you could be graphic and could scare many people who are dead set on Enes Kanter being a diva and bust.  VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

I believe this speaks for itself.