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Gordon Hayward Gets Playing Time: The Downbeat #1435

Gordon Hayward Gets Playing Time: The Downbeat #1435

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

WooHoo live basketball. Full highlights below.

Gordon Hayward played 14 minutes and had 4 points, 2 steals, 1 rebound, 1 assist in a blowout against the Dominican Republic last night.  Full box score here.  He played 10 of his 14 minutes in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach. The national team plays again on Friday.  I would love to have a Utah Jazz player on the Olympic team, but more importantly I love that Hayward is playing with and against the best (-KD) basketball players in the world. He is learning how they practice, their routines, and how they approach the game. Essentially, he is "learning  by doing" which is the best way to learn. I won't go into a pedological explanation, but essentially he is learning from some of the best coaches in the world, and playing with the highest level players possible. He is in a fantastic learning situation.

Coach Quin Snyder: Communication and Development | Salt City Hoops

I like good writing, and Laura is a good writer. She broke down one of Quin Snyder's recent interviews and I wanted to highlight part of it here and send you over to SaltCityHoops to read the rest.

  • He’s put a lot of thought into coaching. Any coach who writes pages upon pages about pick-and-roll defense is something who has spent a lot of time analyzing all possible angles of a play, literally and figuratively.

I agree with Laura on this one. From what I have noticed, Snyder is a very cerebral guy. He wants to know how and why things are the way they are and why and how they work that way. I think he also wants to be able to explain this to his players.  This was apparent in the few minutes he spoke to the fans at the open practice earlier this summer.  He understood the process and importance of taking complex information (PNR) and explaining it 1to 000's of fans in a way that we could understand. He didn't completely dumb the information down, because he knows, that the Utah Jazz have what I would call a higher than average basketball IQ fan base. I look forward to regular interviews.

Utah Jazz ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Karl Malone Challenges Utah Jazz fans to participate in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - SLC Dunk

Diana put together a montage of current and former Jazz players who have participated in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. See above link

Poll with a short answer. What is your favorite/most prized piece of Utah Jazz memorabilia?  Mine is a Schick shaving kit from like 1988 I used it to shave off my eyebrows at a Utah Jazz (Junior Jazz) game.