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The Fencing Bees Edition - The Downbeat - #1436

late games, leadership and larceny

D Dipasupil
I've said in the past that if there were ever a John Stockton biopic, Jim Caviezel should get the nod for the leading role (though someone--I think it was Clark or BBJ?--also pointed out that Caviezel would be great playing Jerry Sloan too). Not only does he look and sound like Stockton, but they even share similar backgrounds as they both grew up in Catholic families in Washington and played college basketball in Washington.

As it turns out, Caviezel actually played (against) Stockton in college. Playing against Stockton convinced him he needed to find something else to do for a living. Here's a clip of Caviezel talking about Stockton and also about his enduring heartache over the departure of the Sonics:

Does it bother you that the Jazz only have handful of national games this season?

I may be in the minority, but the fewer the national and PST (read: late) games, the exponentially more happy I am.

Seems like what Jazz brass most wants to see from Gordon Hayward next season is....(drum roll)...leadership.

Dennis Lindsey on the next step he wants to see Hayward taking, Aug. 1:

I think there’s another step with leadership. I think there’s another step — he’s a great person. He’s very committed, but I think there’s another level of vocal command, if you will. I think there’s the part that we visited on post-season, with, you can’t live and die on the last shot, last half, last game, last week, that he’s gotta keep his body language strong and find joy, enjoyment out of the game. And I think if he does that, the team will really follow with those habits.

Lindsey on who he sees growing into the role of vocal leader on the team, Aug. 8:

I think Gordon, it’s something that we’ve talked a great deal about with him. I think, there’s, he’s gonna have to get himself uncomfortable in some areas and really work at being present and being a leader, but I think he has some natural attributes.

Randy Rigby on Hayward's participation on Team USA, Aug. 13:

I’m hoping that he’ll see how other players are using that and how they are leading, and their attitude about leading their teams, and I’m hoping that Gordon comes and wants to be more of a leader on our team as well, and develop more of his leadership skills.

Stemming from a conversation between Utah_Soldier and modernagejazz, is there anxiety in having someone (anyone?) bear the title of "leader" on the team, and is this more of a fan/media expectation than a necessity for the team?

Secondly, as a max player and one of the longest-tenured players on the Jazz, does Hayward have the responsibility of stepping into that role even if it doesn't come naturally to him and he feels, as Lindsey said, "uncomfortable" being that guy?

A question asked by Jake Scott to Randy Rigby last week, that I will now ask you: How would you fence $12,000's worth of bees?

A few weeks ago, SLC-Dunk-alum-turned-Salt-City-Hoops-managing-editor Andy Larsen was stuck at an airport and did a fun Q&A on Twitter. (I will always remember now that the "b" in his Twitter handle stands for "Bryce.")

Since we're all stuck in the offseason, here's your chance to ask that question you always wanted to ask that one SLC Dunk contributor. I will personally go chase them down on Twitter for you if necessary to get them answer your question.