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FIBA World Cup 2014: Utah Jazz player schedule

Which of our players and former players are playing, and when?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

So Gordon Hayward and Kyle Korver both didn't make the team. Eep. Well, we're going to watch Team USA anyway, but there's more than just one team to watch in the FIBA World Cup 2014. For Utah Jazz fans we have a few guys to keep track of:

Date Game Jazz players
1 Aug 30 Group A France vs Brazil Rudy Gobert Raul Neto
2 Aug 30 Group B Puerto Rico vs Argentina Carlos Arroyo
3 Aug 30 Group B Croatia vs Philippines Ante Tomic
4 Aug 30 Group C United States vs Finland Erik Murphy
5 Aug 30 Group D Australia vs Slovenia Dante Exum Brock Motum
6 Aug 31 Group A Serbia vs France Rudy Gobert
7 Aug 31 Group A Brazil vs Iran Raul Neto
8 Aug 31 Group B Senegal vs Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo
9 Aug 31 Group B Argentina vs Croatia Ante Tomic
10 Aug 31 Group C Finland vs Ukraine Erik Murphy
11 Aug 31 Group D South Korea vs Australia Dante Exum Brock Motum
12 Sep 1 Group A France vs Egypt Rudy Gobert
13 Sep 1 Group A Brazil vs Spain Raul Neto
14 Sep 1 Group B Puerto Rico vs Greece Carlos Arroyo
15 Sep 1 Group B Croatia vs Senegal Ante Tomic
16 Sep 2 Group C Finland vs Dominican Republic Erik Murphy
17 Sep 2 Group D Australia vs Lithuania Dante Exum Brock Motum
18 Sep 3 Group A Serbia vs Brazil Raul Neto
19 Sep 3 Group A Spain vs France Rudy Gobert
20 Sep 3 Group B Philippines vs Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo
21 Sep 3 Group B Greece vs Croatia Ante Tomic
22 Sep 3 Group C Turkey vs Finland Erik Murphy
23 Sep 3 Group D Mexico vs Australia Dante Exum Brock Motum
24 Sep 4 Group A Brazil vs Egypt Raul Neto
25 Sep 4 Group A Iran vs France Rudy Gobert
26 Sep 4 Group B Croatia vs Puerto Rico Ante Tomic Carlos Arroyo
27 Sep 4 Group C Finland vs New Zealand Erik Murphy
28 Sep 4 Group D Australia vs Angola Dante Exum Brock Motum

So, we're all totally rooting for the Aussies, right?