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NBA Season Can't Come Soon Enough: The Downbeat #1457

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

One of the biggest points of contention within the NBA is the length of the season. The NBA is trying to squeeze fans for every penny, while the players are subjected to this brutal schedule. The result is an increase in injuries as the season progresses, which causes a decrease in the quality of games due to key players sitting and teams playing cautiously. ESPN's True Hoop has a great article on the dreaded 4 games in 5 nights roadtrip, and what some teams will go through this season. Check it out here: Four Games. Five Nights. Ten Exhausting Trips.

For fans,. you may not give much thought to the length of the schedule. If you're a fan of a good team, you probably want to see as much as you can get. If you're the fan of a bad team you may have realized that you just want it over as soon as possible.

The length of the season never affected to me until I was committed to it. My Wife and I bought season tickets for the first time this season and when the schedule was released we had an immediate realization that there was no way we could make all 44 games (preseason included). For us, we would be lucky if we made 30. Realistically, we would make 20-25. This is why you see so many Lakers fans when they play at ESA. This is why you see so many fans of whatever other FOTM team rolls into town. Season ticket holders can't make all the games and the season tickets are a huge investment, so you can recoup some cost by selling the tickets you know you can.

The best solution I've heard is to start the season in December and extend it into the summer. Play a longer season, with a less games, and completely rid us of the sports black hole that is August. What's your ideal NBA season?

Let's talk about all the things going on in this picture:

First, the young man is doing his best work to make this look like a regular old "selfie" by throwing out the patented Trey Burke Instagram sexy eyes. Second, his friend (to his left) giving him the side eye like, "Man, I wouldn't do that." Third, The Mailman staring straight into your soul. (H/T to the lovely @mamail for retweeting that)

From something called Headline News Global News: NBA: Brooklyn's Deron Williams And Utah's Derrick Favors Ready To Live Up To Expectations

The article talks about the two centerpieces of the famous (or infamous) trade, and how they're both set to pay off for their respective teams, this year.

Favors hasn't been terrible during his time in the league by any stretch. But he hasn't exactly lived up to the hype either. While he flashed elite talent at times last year, those flares came too inconsistently for the Utah Jazz's liking. Williams, on the other hand, has disappointed due to injuries and conditioning concerns during his stint with the Nets thus far. Favors' short career and the Nets' campaigns in the Eastern Conference have both been ho-hum since the deal.

Any interest in seeing this list? I know I would. Shums too, probably.