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(David) Stockton Returns to Utah: The Downbeat #1458

John Stockton's son works out for Utah, the Jazz are listed as an up and coming squad, and Enes Kanter plays defense?

David Stockton
David Stockton
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The NBA season is nigh approaching and it's time for experts everywhere to guess the best up and coming young teams.  Usually it's best if you choose as many as 10 teams so that you can claim you were right.  It's a delightful game.  This year the Jazz are once again listed but not as high as previous years.  Their Ty suckfest induced coma unfortunate 2013-2014 campaign most likely tanked their high hopes in the eyes of national writers, but Amin Elhassan of is holding out for the Jazz's young core.

I might be in a minority, but I'm still optimistic about Utah's talented youth corps. Favors turned in his best offensive season by any metric, but his defense suffered as a result; part of that can be attributed to a young team that had many defensive liabilities playing a meaningless season (the Jazz started 4-19 last season), but it's on him to figure out the balance. Hayward suffered a horrendous shooting season, and much of that can be attributed to too heavy an offensive burden placed on him in a contract year, but thanks to the Charlotte Hornets, Hayward received a max deal, and the hope is new coach Quin Snyder will create a more egalitarian offensive environment that is less reliant on Hayward creating shots for himself and others. Elsewhere, Exum is one to watch as far as "star potential," while Gobert had a nice summer league and FIBA World Cup and can be an impact player as a long athlete on the front line.


With a new coach, FIBA experience, the subtraction of a lame duck coaching regime, and an odd year Gordon Hayward (see also, Gordon Hayward excels in odd years cuz illuminati), the Utah Jazz are poised to surprise a lot of teams this year.

John Stockton's son will reportedly work out with Utah this week reports

David Stockton worked out with the Thunder last week and will work out with the Jazz this week, according to sources. Stockton is a point guard out of Gonzaga where he averaged 7.4 points, 2.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists as senior. Stockton was at the NBA Summer League with the Suns.

While it is nice to see the Utah Jazz extend the obligatory hand to Stockton's son, we all know Stockton's long lost kin is currently playing in Brazil awaiting a chance to play for his childhood favorite team.  I MISS YOU, NETO.

I'm just going to leave this here.

I don't know how this interview snuck by but Derrick Favors was interviewed by Hoop Mag.  Favors says he talks with Quin Snyder every other day.

Have you talked to new head coach Quinn Snyder? If so what are some of the things you have been talking about preparing for next season? What kind of guy is he?
He's cool. I talk to him every other day almost. we sat down and had a conversation about the upcoming season and how I should play.

Do you have four minutes to spare today?  Then watch 4 minutes of Enes Kanter playing defense courtesy of Dakota Schmidt. I promise Tyrone Corbin won't yell at you leaving the court if you do.