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Utah Jazz Owner Greg Miller Opens Up: The Downbeat #1460

Utah Jazz Owner Greg Miller Opens Up, Mascot Bowl, Benefits of both a GM and Head Coach, Travel Logs of NBA assistant coaches, and four questions on the upcoming season.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Miller spent about 25 minutes on the Big Show yesterday here are some of the highlights.

He shared some fond memories of John, Karl, Jordan, Barkley when he was a kid.

"My dad is a self made guy."  Greg talks about the restructure of the Miller Company and how that has allowed the company to continue to move forward. Greg also talks about the passion that Larry had and how he (Greg) has tried to keep his emotions in check. "It's my responsibility to honor my dad's body of work."

Monson- "What's the coolest thing about being the owner of the Utah Jazz?"

Miller- "Um...I would say there are two, one is the access we have to decisions makers.... and ummm the opportunities to improve lives... " adds a third about helping out in the community and then jokes about riding on the team Charter.

He thanks Utah Jazz fans for their passion and loyalty. #Class

This was a pretty candid and open interview. I feel like Greg was open and honest about the past, present, and the future. It was a fantastic interview. Gordon and Spence had their game faces on.

Utah Jazz and Lehi High host annual Mascot Bowl - H/T Moni

"All the causes that we do, all the Primary Children's, Shriner's, all the charities that we do are important to us, but we love this one because first Mascots love to play football and it's also raising money to take under privileged kids Christmas Shopping," said Anthony Johnson, Utah Jazz Bear Assistant. "

The Jazz continue to improve the community and build a relationship with their fans. I know we all love basketball, but it makes it easy to route for an organization that continues to puts it's players and other employess in positions to help the community.

The nearly impossible task of being a basketball czar in the NBA -

Tom Nissalke departed as coach after they started the 1981–82 season 8–12, and General Manager Frank Layden replaced him. Layden's coaching wasn't an improvement initially, as the Jazz went 17–45 the rest of that season to finish 25–57.

At one point, Frank Layden had the impossible task of being the GM and the Head Coach, it wasn't long before my time, but it was long enough before that I had to look it up.  From the Utah Jazz Wiki site. (Above Quote).

Frank Layden balanced the job well for the Utah Jazz during the 1980s before finding Jerry Sloan as the perfect coach for his team.

The above quote got me thinking about the relationship between the GM and the coach. For the past thirty years, the Utah Jazz have had both a GM and a coach. For the most part, that relationship has worked out well. When it didn't work well, the relationship was severed not resigned or reissued.  Assuming that most teams (roughly 75% of the NBA) have two separate positions instead of the czar position. What are the benefits of both options.  What characteristics or attributes should both the GM and Coach possess in order to make the relationship work. Are those attributes the same for both or completely different? What say ye? Is the Popovich model better? IF so whay?

For many NBA assistants, the road to glory is well-traveled -

First year coach Quin Snyder has traveled around basketball circles, so have some of his assistants. The picture below shows just how much the NBA is relying on the D-league for coaches.


While many of the current NBA coaches are retreads, or have been in NBA circles for a long time, there does seem to be a movement to get younger coaches in the mix to build up the pool of potential head coaches in the next 5-10 years.

Nate Duncan share his thoughts at the link above.  What do you say.

How long does it take for the Jazz to pick up Quin Snyder’s system?

I think that each player will figure it out a different time. I think Trey, will figure it out the quickest. He will have the ball in his hands most of the time, and have the advantage of seeing the plays unfold and how the defense reacts to certain plays. I think that we will see all of the wrinkles and options by mid Dec. 

How ready is Dante Exum?

On a scale of one-to-ten, ten being high and one being low, I am saying a five. I still think he is adjusting to his body, he is adjusting to the speed and physicality of the game, and i am interested to see how well he moves without the ball. 
Will Alec Burks and Enes Kanter ink rookie extensions?
Yes for Burks and no for Kanter. Well, I think Kanter may get an extension, but I don't think he will be on the 2015-2016 roster. 
Who is in the big rotation?
Favors, Kanter, Novak, Gobert, Booker, Hood in that order.  Novak and Gobert will be used as match-ups allow.