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Gordon Hayward Bought A Tesla. He's Practical: The Downbeat #1465

Did you know the Tesla was the highest rated car on consumer reports like ever? Gordon does.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Best moment of the day encapsulated in this awkward question: "What was your hardest question today?"

This question was posited by David Locke to Gordon Hayward. If you go to the Utah Jazz media feed on and go to 1:24:27, you can see the internal struggle by Gordon Hayward. In his mind he's thinking, "Being asked about another man's genitals." But like a true pro, and just as Jon Rinehart taught him he replies, "Has being married affected your video game playing time?"

You're a good man, Hayward. But we know this wasn't your hardest question asked today. Good for you, though.

Gordon Hayward buying a Tesla is the most Gordon Hayward thing ever.

I got a Tesla. P85 Model S Tesla. It's the most fun thing I've ever driven. ... It was difficult [to purchase it]. It's a practical thing. It's the number one rated car on consumer reports ever. ... You can pay less money if you charge it at 4 am and 5 am.

I think the best part of this conversation is how Gordon Hayward understands that he gets paid so much money to play a game. How he feels awkward making more money than his parents even though he feels like his parents worked harder. He gets it. He understands that its a privilege. This is a guy the Utah Jazz need as a leader. He understands.

Gordon Hayward on Quin Snyder's offense.

Extremely excited. The spacing that he has put in. The fact that he's trying to get people to be passers first. That he wants us to play with pace. Extremely excited for a guy like me who's best in the open court.

Gordon Hayward also took a subtle jab at the prior establishment.

Extremely sharp. Really detailed. Precise. Kind of like me like how you're borderline OCD on certain things where it's gotta be done this way and it's gotta be right. Especially for a young team like us, we need somebody to tell us this is how has supposed to be. If you don't know it I'm going to teach it to you. Because we're so young and so inexperience we don't. know. what it takes to win.

It is pretty obvious that Gordon Hayward is a very cerebral player. Quin Snyder is a perfect coach for Gordon Hayward. His attention to detail is going to endear Hayward to him.

Finally, Quin Snyder anticipates Gordon Hayward being a big part of the Utah Jazz offense.

Trey Burke joke aside, this is what Jazz fans have really been waiting for. The Utah Jazz have an offense designed for their best players and are going for speed, pace, and open space. THIS GONNA BE FUN.