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3N3S KANT3R: The Downbeat #1465

You've heard of three goggles, right? Have you heard of TURK3Y GOGGLES?

I'm Enes Kanter and I approve this message.
I'm Enes Kanter and I approve this message.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Wait! If Enes Kanter is fourth then that means he's a power forward. YOU'RE **** RIGHT HE IS.

The Utah Jazz appear to be making it a priority to eliminate any and all distractions before the season starts. We talked earlier that they are looking to extend Alec Burks before the season. It appears that they are doing the same for Enes Kanter as well.

All I can say is, "Thank you." Eliminate this distraction. Take care of Big Turkey. He's the single greatest thing to have been put in front of a microphone since All-Time Great and Hall Of Fame Media Man Fesenko moved on.

(But his Facebook still lives on in our hearts.)

Enes Kanter doesn't see the Jazz's youth as a weakness rather he sees it as a strength.

"Young means to me a lot of hunger."

What's interesting about this year is the Jazz's young players are looking forward to taking on the mantle of being leaders and representing the team. Quin Snyder has really empowered these guys to take ownership in this team. They're excited. When the Jazz moved on from Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, you didn't see the young players excited about the change. Honestly, the coaching didn't change in strategy or system. But now, it's tailored to the young team and to their strengths. It should be a fun year.

I reserved number three, of course, to the great news.

*Insert statements from different known personalities last year about how Kanter should not shoot the three right here*

Enes Kanter and Tyrone Corbin had a turbulent relationship. Kanter would get surly with Corbin, but Corbin was equally brutal the other way. So much so that Corbin's yelling at Kanter when a timeout was called was to be expected and lampooned on twitter. How would Kanter respond to the new coach Quin Snyder?

I'd like to point out as well that Quin Snyder and his coaching staff showed up in their game day attire as well. Thought that was pretty poignant.

Fun Kanter has returned. THE KANTERTAKER IS BACK.