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San Antonio Spurs 89 Utah Jazz 69 Game Recap: Team with more points wins

UTA: 15 - 12 -20 - 22 -- 69
SAS: 23 - 20 -23 - 23 --89

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the San Antonio Spurs put on an exhibition of basketball defense against the Spurs-wanna-bes, the Utah Jazz. The first quarter was okay, but then the wheels fell off. And then the seat fell off. And then the handlebar fell off. And then, well, clearly I don't know enough bike anatomy to finish this joke. But this game was not good. The Jazz managed to score only 69 points. Let's not forget that the Jazz are an offensive team; not a defensive one.

Yup. that was the kind of game we had tonight. And it's Sunday night, so gimme a break! And let's give the Jazz a break too. Game 41 of the season is one where they lost to the World Champs.

It's not the end of the world.

Go Jazz!