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Utah Jazz MLK Day History - The Downbeat #1527

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like the Jazz's merry-go-round potpourri of shooting guards will continue, as Hood aggravated his foot injury during the game last night. From Tony Jones of the SL Trib:

Hood appeared to re-aggravate his left foot on Sunday night against the San Antonio Spurs. He drove hard to the basket, landed on it, and lay down, pounding the AT&T Center floor with his fist. He had already missed the better part of three weeks with foot inflammation.

This is the time of year where basketball gets completely drowned out in the noise of football (probably a good thing based on last night's performance by the Jazz), but the real basketball nuts are still all-in. Here's some Zach Lowe love for the Jazz (er... Rudy), from last night:

Here's some from Marc Stein (and more Lowe):

Yes, I need validation from national writers. IDC, IDC, IDC

The Jazz stunk it up shooting last night, and it's been an ongoing theme. Over the last 5 games, the Jazz have shot 45% 2P% and 34% 3P%. That's not good, but when you look at their opponents over that same span? 46% and 42%. Obviously the big difference is their opponents shooting almost 10% better from deep, on 104 attempts. Over that period the Jazz are 1-4.

The one day that the NBA does dominate in January is MLK day. I love the MLK day games in the NBA.

  • January 16th, 2006 the Jazz played at the Clippers. They lost 102-93, again in overtime. Elton Brand dropped 35/14 and had 7 blocks.
  • January 17th, 1005 the Jazz played an evening game against the Lakers, in L.A. They won 102-94.

Here's the NBA schedule for today:

Games start at noon (MST), with national tv games tipping off at 12:30, with the surging Pistons against the juggernaut that is the Hawks.

Happy Martin Luther King Day from SLC Dunk. If you have the day off, enjoy the basketball. If you don't find a way to watch some anyway. No matter what, be good to each other.