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Rodney Hood's unlucky feet and injury history

The opposite of the Elijah Wood animated vehicle "Happy Feet."

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so let's take a look at some of the recent injuries of Rodney Hood, and let's be real here. Some of it is bad luck for the Utah Jazz rookie. Some of it is, well, really bad luck.

  • June, 2013: Right foot, Torn Achilles Tendon (originally identified as a sprain) [Back at Duke]
  • November, 2014: Right foot, inflammation (plantar fasciitis)
  • January, 2015 (I): Left foot, inflammation (also plantar fasciitis)
  • January, 2015 (II): Left foot, aggravation of previous injury (plantar fasciitis) [LAST NIGHT landed with left foot on Tiago Splitter 's foot and had to leave the game.]

Via: U.S. National Library of Medicine

So some of it is bad luck, some of it is a force multiplier by a) his job (running and jumping), b) the locations of his previous injuries, and c) the fact that all of these injuries have affected the same part of the body, and area that cooperates.So he's had this combined heel problem on both feet now, but I would suggest that he's had more problems with his right foot. (Oh, by the way, guess which leg a left handed player plants on lay-ups?)

The body is designed in a way where different parts give structure or flexibility to other parts. I love how one of the reasons for plantar fasciitis could be because of a tight Achilles tendon. All of these heel problems can make for a very painful experience for young Rodney. He's not going to need surgery, he just needs rest.

Having Rudy Gobert and Enes Kanter (and Trevor Booker) around helps Derrick Favors avoid big minutes, and helps him better manage potential plantar fasciitis flare ups. Having more wing guys around will allow for Rodney to stay healthy and avoid big minutes as well. Of course, he still has to recover fully before that happens. Hood missed 10 games for his right foot, and seven for his left foot already this season.

Ultimately, I guess, you blame Alec Burks for this. Or mother nature. Or crazy uncle luck. It's a less than perfect rookie year for Hood. But it's better to have these injuries NOW and then learn about them, and adjust his training and behavior going forward so he has a long and non-ignorant professional career.