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NBA All-Star Game 2015: Gordon Hayward is playing All-Star-ish, despite low votes

G-Time is playing great, but he will have to wait in line before finding out if he is going to the All-Star Game.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Let's be clear, Utah Jazz fans. I think Gordon Hayward is having an amazing season as his second go as the 1st option on his own team. I do not think that he's magically going to get a million votes in a few hours (not even a zerg rush) and be voted in as an All-Star starter. I think his nice season would get some consideration from coaches, but it's not like the Jazz gave iPads out to every coach or anything -- stuff that Portland does (and did for Brandon Roy, and back then it was iPods). (Seems like other teams recognize the benefit of having a star more than our franchise does...)

While Gordon is doing well I have to say that the low wins for this squad -- and the massive depth of the West -- make his inclusion almost entirely out of the question.


These are the top vote getters (so far), voting ends tonight, and had this crazy article about who is winning right now. It looks like G-Time is comparable, but not distinguished enough. If you just look at the wings, and Gordon, you see that he's kinda right there -- but he's not amongst the tops.


So Gordon is playing All-Star-ish. He's not there yet. And while there's a chance that he gets in. But right now I think the All-Stars for the West break down as:

I think Gordon is playing well, but after looking at how well the other players are doing this season, I don't think I can argue for Gordon's inclusion unless I'm wearing my Jazz homer hat. He has improved quite a bit from last year (and I have the Synergy Stats to support that idea, and that post is dropping tomorrow). But what do you think?