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Jazz predictions for the second half of the season

A Utah Jazz blogger Jam session!

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The Utah Jazz have now played 41 games, and at the halfway point have 14 wins. It's not out of the question to see this team win 16 or more on the back end and reach 30 wins this year. I'm not judging this team on wins, but let's be real -- after a while we're going to go crazy if we continue to have these sub .500 seasons.

To bide our collective time before we get there, we have a bunch of questions for our Utah Jazz panel. We talk about the players on the team, the games they've played, and our predictions for the rest of the way.

Without further preamble, let's start jammin'.


1. Utah Jazz MVP this year:

Yucca: Jazz MVP - has to be Gordon Hayward. His improvement over last year's efficiency is pretty amazing. He'll never be the LeBron James level player, but he's proven this year he can be one of the main two or three centerpieces of a fantastic team.

Prodigal Punk: Hayward, by quite a ways. The team drops off big time when he hits the bench. He has looked like a certain max level player, and if the Jazz were better, he'd be in contention for All-Star.

TazzJazzFan: Hayward. He's growing into a very VERY good player.

JuMu: Derrick Favors- He's had himself a quiet little jump this season up to 16 points, 9 rebounds off of 55 FG% while leading the team in PER and Offensive and Defensive Win Shares, and only trailing Gobert out of our rotation players in Win Shares per 48 minutes. This "defensive anchor" has been quite the offensive force this season.

Diana: Jazz MVP- Derrick Favors. He doesn't get the attention that other players get but to me he is the most valuable. Favors is finally getting to show why he was a third pick. His offense and defense look very good in comparison to years past. Our team looks really bad when Favors has missed games. Favors is consistent he is the glue guy for the Jazz.


2. Jazz ROY this year:

Yucca: ROY - Elijah Millsap? I don't think any rookie has really earned a ROY award. They are all far away from being effective players.

Prodigal Punk: This is the "best of a bad lot" pick. I'm going with [Joe Ingles].

TazzJazzFan: Jingles at this stage. Yes I'm biased and no I don't care.

JuMu: Meh, due to our rookies' collective underwhelming play on the court, I'm going to have to go with Bailee, one of the Jazz dancers' rookies, with Isabel at a close second.

2014 2015 Jam Session Game 041 - JuMu Q2

Diana: Jazz ROY- It has to be Coach Snyder. It is a breath of fresh air to feel like a real basketball team again. Sure the wins and losses don't look great but our players are improving every game. Our offense is looking pretty and our defense looks better. I love reading Moni's transcripts of Snyder's quotes. I love watching his interviews on You can tell that Snyder has a brilliant mind and a brilliant basketball mind. We are so very lucky to have him as our coach. The wins will start coming soon.


3. Three best players:

Yucca: Three best players - easiest choice of all: Hayward, Derrick Favors, Rudy Gobert. I feel pretty safe in predicting that these three will all be All-Stars in their career, and Gobert's will be Defensive Player of the Year at some point. These three are really, really good. And nobody else has helped the team even close to as much as these three.

Prodigal Punk: Hayward, Favors, Gobert. All three figure into the best lineup the Jazz can put on the court.

TazzJazzFan: Hayward, Favours, Gobert. These 3 are the cornerstone of any 'best' lineup, offensively or defensively.

JuMu: Favors, Hayward, Gobert. Favors has been our best overall player, Hayward our best offensive player with the most likely to be an all-star/all-NBA player of the Jazz this season with the odds still being slim-to-none, while Gobert has been our best defensive player and our symbol of hope this season.

Diana: Three best players - Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert.


4. Best game:

Yucca: Best game - Chicago win.

Prodigal Punk: Cavs was the funnest, but I think the Memphis road win was the most impressive.

TazzJazzFan: Cavs win for pure emotion and Eff You Factor.

JuMu: This answer for me will almost always be when they beat the Lakers, unimpressive records and lack of drama be damned!

Diana: Best game - Beating Memphis on the road. Everyone looked so good. It gave us flashes of what this team can really do and will be in the future. Also the Thunder game at home because of " Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"


5. Worst game:

Yucca: Worst loss - Nothing's been horrible, in my opinion. The one that still kills me is the Atlanta loss on the road trip. They freaking had that win.

Prodigal Punk: All the home losses they should have won- Magic, Nuggets, Pacers.

TazzJazzFan: Home loss to the Magic bummed me out for days,. Still does. Argh.

JuMu: The two early blowouts to the Mavericks is when it was first made apparent to me that this Jazz team already are at least a season away from being playoff competitive again. From then on, the bar was set low, so I wasn't as upset at the subsequent losses.

Diana: Worst game- Losing to Denver the Raptors and the Magic at home. Those losses were hard because I thought we had turned a corner after the Wake up game.


6. Prediction for the next 41 games

Yucca: Prediction for the next 41 games: I'm going to be bold and say they play slightly over .500 the rest of the way.

Prodigal Punk: Whatever it takes to get them to 32 wins. Oh, and Gobert will move into starting lineup.

TazzJazzFan: Hayward. Gobert becomes a starter at some point.

JuMu: We finish at 33 wins, Gobert secures a 5 by 5. One of the BBHFK gets traded.

Diana: Prediction for the next 41 games- we play .500 ball. Bold prediction Enes gets traded. I don't want him to at all though.


Thanks guys! Now what are YOUR answers fans? How many wins will the Jazz get over the last 41?