Trey Burke's Shot

So we all no Trey Burke has been shooting it terrible this year. So I went to Stats place and looked at four games of him shooting poor and four games of him shooting good. So for being a great shooter in college Trey changes his shot a lot. What I noticed in watch the poor games is there are times when he almost circles the ball around his head like Marcus Camby but it's not as obvious. Other times he's leaning one way or the other while fading at the same time which will make your shot really inaccurate. I'm surprised the Coaching staff hasn't noticed that he changes where he releases it or when he fades to much. There are also times when his off hand looks as though it's pushing the ball to much (sorry dont have visual aids but you can go look at and see the difference in each shot).

When he's having a good night shooting like the game against the Nets you can see that Trey goes straight up and Straight down. He doesn't sway his arms or fade whatsoever. It's really a simple fix to show Trey to go straight up and to not spin circle the ball around his head. I don't think I'm the only one that has noticed it as I've seen one or two comments relating to his form.

So do you guys notice the differences in his shots or am I just over analyzing Trey's shot. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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