Laker Fans are the Worst!!!

I have been wanting to share my feelings about this all season and I feel bad that I have waited since Kobe has received season ending injury in his rota-tor cuff. Funny how it actually coincides with what I want to talk about since most Laker fans dont even know Kobe is injured...

That's because primarily Laker fans were once Bulls fans or Jordan fans. I know there are Laker fans out there that are actually rooting for the team and know that their best player is Nick Young but most guys on the street wearing the purple and gold gear dont have a clue. Let me share an example I had last week:

Myself- Where'd you buy that hat? The thrift store...

Laker hat wearing fool- Lakers are the greatest, Kobe is the MVP and I bleed purple and gold.

Me- Really... Who's the starting PG?

Laker guy- Derek Fisher

Me- No he is the Coach of the New York Knicks and actually played on the Thunder and Mavericks since his 2nd tenure with the Lakers... did you know Fisher even played on the Jazz.

Laker guy- We have rings, your Jazz dont.

Me- Your PG's are Jeremy Lin and injured Steve Nash.

Laker Guy- Kobe passed Jordan on the scoring list, we dont need anything else.

Right, this is the problem with most Laker fans, they have no clue Carlos Boozer is even on the team. We went on to talk about how Pau Gasol is in fact not on the team anymore and in Chi town Gasol is having a career year. Free Agents dont want to sign in LA and deal with Mamba. Many Laker fans were casual Heat fans for the past few years.

Seriously most Laker fans dont even know that Kobe used to wear #8 instead of #24. How can I know more about the Lakers than a supposed fan. I really like talking to Laker fans any where in public. You know they aren not the sharpest crayons in the box because they are wearing that gear in public. Either they are true fans or need to watch a game.

Seeing the Laker fall has been one of the greatest things I have witnessed as a sports fan and it began when Dwight Howard refused to stay in LA. Laker fans were appalled, the ones that follow the game that is. I guess you could go back to the botched Chris Paul trade that got Sternned. Anyways Free Agents wont go to LA, Nash is injured taking up payroll and Kobes huge contract is hurting the team as well. ISNT IT GREAT!!!

Is this karma?

No Gasol but a washed up Boozer instead. No Nash but Linsanity without the sanity. I love talking to these lame fans in public that dont know who Swaggy P is. They cant make the connection of Iggy "I'm so fancy, you should already know." Really that song is the perfect theme for the Lakers since they should already know.

Shaq vs Kobe is long over but shouldnt Laker fans know who the NBA logo is? I ask this in every conversation passing a Laker fan I can and only about 25% of them can answer. Hey that NBA logo, blue and red with the silhoutte of a person dribbling a ball, "Who is that?" Try it some time, they dont know the logo, they dont know hes a legendary player let alone a Laker. Jerry West should come out and really talk about the lameness of Laker fans everywhere.

I despise Laker fans because they have some championships, nice weather so player want to sign there and the Hollywood base and they dont understand how well they have it. Clippers are selling out more games, they are a better and more exciting team. Karma I tell ya... watch out for it.

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