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Help make Kyrylo Fesenko the MVP, vote here!

And hopefully bring back Fesenko Fridays!

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Today is a glorious day. It's a day where Utah Jazz fans from all over the world can come together to help a Jazzman when he needs it. Kyrylo Fesenko, whom Carmelo Anthony still thinks about every night, he who injured the black mamba Kobe Bryant, and the man so important to our zeitgeist that there were like four fake twitter accounts for . . . this mountain of a man now needs our help.

Fes is up for MVP of January (like NBA player of the month) for his work in dominating opponents and helping his team Avtodor Saratov to some much needed wins.

Here Fes drops 23 and 16 while wearing that #44 we all miss.

The catch is that despite being the only sensible choice for this award (seriously, you going to vote for Keith Langford? Dude can't even get his team to win games, let alone win individual awards) he's not going to win it unless he gets the votes.

Here's the blurb from their own league website:

Voting for the January MVP is now open at!

The VTB United League and Sport-Express newspaper are teaming up once again to select the league's monthly MVP. One of the factors in determining the MVP will be a fan vote, hosted by with the help of Facebook and Vkontakte. Simply "like" the player you think should be MVP to impact each month's selection. You can even vote twice, once each on the poll's Russian and English-language pages!

The poll results will have a direct impact on the selection process. The three players to receive the most votes will earn points, which will then be combined with their efficiency rating, as well as expert opinion from the league and Sport-Express, to determine the MVP.

Voting for the January MVP has already underway. Make your pick from the list of contenders: the players who made the biggest impact and helped their teams win in January.

Vote for Fes in English here.

Vote for Fes in Russian here.

They even tell you that you can vote TWICE. He's in the lead now, but let's make sure it's a dominating one so that the league execs HAVE to give him the award! It's what God would want. And Jerry Sloan too. All you need to do is vote on Facebook. It's that easy.

Fesenko Vote MVP

As the bigman told me today:

"I would really appreciate that boost from Jazz fans!!! Never won any MVP award. It would be my first. Thank you."

- Kyrylo Fesenko, 2015

Let's do this guys. /b is not your personal army, but SLC Dunk should can help out Fes with some votes. How about this, we get you as many votes as possible, and you keep being awesome and give us something to post every Friday!


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