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Enes Kanter, Prophet: The Downbeat #1538

The Enes Kanter prophecies.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Enes Kanter took some heat when he talked about how the Jazz could hang with the Golden State Warriors.  Looks like he got the last laugh.  Yup!! Just like what l said..! What A Win #JazzNation

Enes Kanter may look like a prophet but his stat line didn't help fulfill prophecy.

He had 5 points on 2 of 7 shooting, 10 rebounds, and 3 turnovers.

The Utah Jazz led the Golden State Warriors wire to wire last night.  The main reason for that win was Gordon Hayward looked like a star.  Many would not have thought he was an All-Star snub, but instead of posting a promise like Damian Lillard, Gordon Hayward lead the Utah Jazz to a dominate win over one of the best teams in the league.

Gordon Hayward now has a season PER of 19.9, an increase of 3.7 from last year.  He is a leader on the court and does what is required to win.

The Utah Jazz had a special visitor last night ....


LONG LIVE THE ERA OF SKINNY CENTERS!!!  Utah Jazz fans have got to enjoy the rise of Rudy Gobert.  Likewise Miami Heat fans have got to enjoy the rise of Hassan Whiteside.  It's fun to watch this story.  It's a true underdog story.  He has gone from relative unknown to a rising star.  Tom Haberstroh of had this to say about Hassan Whiteside.

Labels like "immature" and "low basketball IQ" kept him from being taken seriously. There were rumored D-League fights that tarnished his résumé. Whiteside was forced to do two stints in China. There, he told ESPN Radio, he ate pig lungs thinking it was a ribeye steak. Whiteside went to Lebanon -- not once but twice -- to play professionally and try to get his career back on track. There, he witnessed a car bomb explode.

Now he's an overnight sensation on the level of "Linsanity." On Sunday, Whiteside blocked 12 shots in a rousing triple-double performance in 25 minutes against Chicago. A week earlier, he hung 23 points and 16 rebounds on the Los Angeles Clippers in their building, becoming the only player besides DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Love to do that in the last five seasons.

Last night's game was the first game since the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Utah Jazz game that I was able to just enjoy it.  I didn't tweet much during it.  I didn't take notes or anything.  I just enjoyed it.  It was a fantastic game to take in.  It was one of those games that gave you a glimpse into the Jazz's immediate future.  This Utah Jazz team is improving mightily.  They are about a year away from taking that next step.  So I'll ask the question here.

For the Utah Jazz to become a playoff team next year, who has to take the next step?