Trade Idea from celtic's blog

I am a celtic's fan and I posted this trade on that site and found most people wanted to do the trade. However they thought that you would not trade favors for this. SO tell me what you think!

Boston sends our brooklyn 2016 1st round pick to phoenix. boston also sends the Cleveland 1st rounder to the jazz.

Why jazz does it

Well lets face it you have amazing big men and terrible guards. you have two young guys who can replace favors in kanter and gobert. Eric bledsoe signed to a five year deal will help tremendously. you have 3 stars, one in bledsoe, one in hayward and one in gobert. You still have plenty of playing time to develop kanter and exam. With a lottery pick this year I think you guys can be serious contenders. Not to mention the addition of a first round pick.

why boston

well we get a star in favors. we have all the tools to build around someone but no one to start with. favors is a young guy who we can start with.

why phoenix

well they already have two great guards in thomas and dragic. They improve their sf,center and get a potential lottery pick.

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