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Exclusive Friday FanDuel Tournament!

Come and play . . . leave a winner!

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, but not another regular  FanDuel contest. Tonight is an exclusive one for SB Nation users! It's simple:

  1. FanDuel has a special contest just for us.
  2. If it's your first time, then you get a 2x BONUS to your starting cash by using a promo
  3. The Promo is SBNJAZZ

This week's tournament will have the same parameters as was seen on December 19th: 110 entries, a five dollar entry fee and a $100 top prize. In addition, the top 20 finishers will walk away with some cash winnings. HERE IS THE LINK.

There are a few interesting games tonight, Spurs / Suns, Nuggets / Kings, Hawks / Pistons . . . and of course, our game tonight. If you are thinking of picking up an undervalued, overproducing Utah Jazz player you may want to look at Rudy Gobert.There's an obvious hint.

Play FanDuel! Win! Gain confidence! Get that promotion at work! Basically the opposite of a Country / Western song!