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The Downbeat #1749: The What Do We Need Edition

Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday! It feels like the Jazz haven't played since April. They in fact did play on Monday. They lost to a depleted Portland Trail Blazers team. They will take on that same Portland team on Sunday, in Portland. How the Jazz got nearly a week off is beyond me.

Before Sunday's game however, the Jazz are holding a FREE open to the public practice. Its FREE and its taking place TONIGHT. The doors at the ESA open at 5:30 and the practice starts at 6:30 p.m. If you can go, please go! The open scrimmage is one of my all time favorite Jazz activities. I can imagine the open practice will be even more fun! Who does not want to see what Quin Snyder is like in practice?!

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So do you remember when you were 12? For some of us it was a lot longer ago than it was for some of you. The Jazz asked its players what would their 12 year old self say to them today. I loved Favors answers the best and he's last so you have to watch the whole thing :)

So what would your 12-year-old self say to YOU today?

It's been awhile since we played a word association game. I'll type some names or scenarios and you type the first thing that comes to mind:

Jerry Sloan and Tom Thibodeau sitting together

2-2 Preseason record

Rudy Gobert



Starting Point Guard

Outside shooting


Some of Moni's best artwork: (From her latest blog post)


This goes along with Randy Rigby's quote:

On the maturing of Alec Burks
I’ve seen a real maturing of Alec Burks, also, as an individual. He is much more open and friendly, and has matured.

He, every time I see him, he was almost bashful as a younger player. He now comes up and looks you in the eye and shakes your hand, and you have that smile of his that really warms your heart.

Gosh, we love Alec Burks at SLC Dunk. So glad the Jazz love him too.

So TBH I haven't been in a Jazzy kind of mood lately. Life has been so busy with school and of course with my family that the Jazz have taken a back seat. I want to be excited for the season. I mean c'mon Quin Snyder is a coaching genius, the Jazz have an exciting young core. Believe me I want to be excited. My feelings are however, that we are missing that piece to pull everything together. We have talent, we have an amazing coach but it is not quite enough.

Randy Rigby said that the Jazz's goal is to make it to the playoffs. It's hard for me to get excited about that goal. YES I want the playoffs. I am tired of the lottery. We haven't had hope in the playoffs since 2010, even then we knew an ousting from the Lakers was inevitable. I want the playoffs. I want hope in the playoffs. I want to know that we won't just be San Antonio fodder. I want to win. I want hope. No, I don't expect the Jazz to win the championship. No I don't expect them to be a powerhouse. But yes I want to win and have hope.

What's the Jazz missing, I am not quite sure. I know the Jazz know more of what they need to succeed than I could ever know. We need a starting quality point guard, can it be Trey this year? We need a strong bench, can we develop SWARM 2.0 ? We need an identity, is that identity forming? We need a leader, is the leader on the team? We need a superstar, is the superstar on the team? We need someone/something to pull everything together. Is that something just time?