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The Downbeat #1750: Savor #FridayFavors

Derrick Favors is starting a Pay It Forward campaign and we love it.

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Gordon Hayward is out with a back contusion following the nasty fall he took after being fouled by CJ McCollum.

Evidently, Gordon practiced with the injury.  He is now resting it off.  It should be interesting to follow Gordon's performance to start the season.

The Jazz have begun to trim their roster in anticipation for the season.  They have cut Jack Cooly, Grant Jerrett, and J.J. O'Brien.  The Utah Jazz roster now stands at 17.  In accordance with the Resource Analysis we did over the summer the Jazz technically only have to cut two more players.  Who is going to be cut? Here are your candidates.

Bryce Cotton

Treveon Graham

Chris Johnson

Elijah Millsap

Now out of those who has a chance of staying.  This might sound crazy but Bryce Cotton might be cut.  Here's why.  At least two of these players are going to be cut, but I bet three of these players will be cut.  Alec Burks return and ball handling will allow the Jazz to stay pat on Trey Burke and Raul Neto at point guard.  In addition, if injuries occur they Jazz would most likely want to have an extra roster spot for flexibility.  In addition, the Jazz like to use that extra roster spot to try out D-League guys once 10-day contracts because it allows them to find diamonds in the rough like Elijah Millsap.  Honestly, Elijah Millsap is going to be the only one who survives the roster cuts.  That's my prediction.


I'm going to start a monthly strategy piece for the Utah Jazz on valuing their assets and how they can dictate or react to league market conditions.

It's time we start following the #FridayFavors initiative.  Here's what Derrick Favors has to say about the movement.

Off the court, I'm really passionate about my #FridayFavors initiative. I've been blessed with the opportunity to play the game I love for a living and it has given me a huge platform to help others. Now I am really excited about having an initiative that allows me to encourage fans to get involved and help others in their communities as well. Giving back isn't just a celebrity thing, and I wanted to start something that gives anybody a chance to give back. The smallest good deed can make a big difference in someone's life. For example, if you see that someone left their trashcan out on the street, maybe go over and pull it up for them.

Here's how it works: when you do a good deed, you take a picture and post it on social media using the hashtag #FridayFavors. Once a month, we'll pick a winner and send them an autographed item. So far, the response has been good. A lot of fans are telling me they are enjoying it. I also post pictures of myself giving back. My hope is that if fans see me doing good deeds, then they will go out and do the same and start a ripple effect. And I know my teammates will get out there and have fun with this too.

Derrick Favors' Blog

Get out there and do good things Dunkers!

The Utah Jazz will be traveling to Portland on Sunday.  Guess what!  It's actually on TV!  Imagine that!  A professional sports game that is televised in 2015!  This game will most likely serve as a tryout game for the fringe players. The 3rd and 4th quarters should be telling with who will still be part of the team.

To get you pumped for next week's #FridayFavors.  Here are a few quick examples.