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Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons Game Thread

Game #1: Jazz (0-0) @ Pistons (1-0)Location: Auburn Hills, MITime: 5:30 PM MTTV: ROOT SportsRadio: 1280 AM / 97.5 FM

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz start off the season tonight with a game against the Detroit Pistons in my former stomping grounds. Utah is hungry to keep building on the momentum they decimated the league with after last All-Star Break. It is going to have to start tonight in the Motor City against a short handed, but excellently coached team. Stan Van Gundy has put his mark on this once floundering franchise and they are dedicated on making the playoffs -- a goal Dennis Lindsey in Utah is also focused on. Quin Snyder may not have the same name recognition (last place in NBA 2K16 Western Conference coaches?) as SVG, but they both run a tight, defensive-minded ship. Both teams are young, and have made moves to get rid of potential problem children, Detroit said goodbye to Josh Smith and Utah exiled Enes Kanter. Ultimately, casual fans are just going to want to see Rudy Gobert and Andre Drummond block shots and play like the new generation of strong, athletic bigmen should play. (Hint: Above the rim.)

Stan Van Gundy Detroit Pistons Bike

How do these two teams stack up? There's really no stats to show, so here are some random things that you may or may not enjoy.

NBA Success:

  • Pistons: 68 seasons, 2573-2714 overall in the regular season, .487 winning percentage
  • Jazz: 42 seasons, 1775-1539 overall in the regular season, .536 winning percentage
  • Pistons: 3-4 in the NBA Finals
  • Jazz: 0-2 in the NBA Finals
  • Pistons: 103 All-Stars, 15 Hall of Famers
  • Jazz: 42 All-Stars, 8 Hall of Famers
  • Pistons: Mehmet Okur - yes.
  • Jazz: Mehmet Okur - yes.


  • Detroit: founded in 1701, metro area of 3,913 square miles, elevation of 600 ft, combined statistical area of 5.3 million people, 82.7% who identify as black*
  • Salt Lake City: founded in 1858?, area of 110.4 square miles, elevation of 4,226 ft, combined statistical area of 2.4 million people, 75.1% whom identify as white*
  • Detroit Sister Cities: Dubai, UAE; Turin, Italy; Minsk, Belarus; Kitwe, Zambia; Nassau, Bahamas; Toyota, Japan; Chongquing, China
  • Salt Lake City Sister Cities: Turin, Italy; Oruro, Bolivia; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mamaus, Brazil; Thurles, Ireland; Izhevsk, Russia; Matsumoto, Japan; Quezon City, Philippines; Keelung, Taiwan; Chernivtsi, Ukraine; and Trujillo, Peru
  • Detroit Other Sports Teams: Detroit Red Wings (11 Stanley Cups), Detroit Tigers (4 World Series Titles), Detroit Lions (4 pre-AFL/NFL merger Super Bowls)
  • Salt Lake City Other Sports Teams: Real Salt Lake (1 MLS Cup)
  • Key to the City of Detroit: Saddam Hussein
  • Key to the City of Salt Lake City: Not Saddam Hussein

2015 2016 Fanbase Map Detroit Utah

Social Media:

  • Pistons Facebook (1,490,343 likes), Jazz Facebook (1,030,741 likes)
  • Detroit Bad Boys Facebook (39,161 likes), SLC Dunk Facebook (960 likes) WAT
  • Pistons Twitter (428,242 followers), Jazz Twitter (387,997 followers)
  • Detroit Bad Boys Twitter (8,369 followers), SLC Dunk Twitter (8,030 followers)


Injuries / Absences:

Jazz Killers:

  • Brandon Jennings (OUT)
  • Marcus Morris (Starting)
  • Ersan Ilyasova Starting)

Pistons Killers:

  • Trey Burke (kinda) (Bench)

Longest, least actual information filled game thread:

  • This one.