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The Downbeat #1760: The Welcome to the Season Edition

Happy Friday!

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Today the Utah Jazz will play their 2nd game of the season! They take on the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia. Lets hope they bounce back after their strange loss against the Pistons.

EDIT: Diana wrote this on cold medicine late last night and is now fixing all her mistakes. Thanks for the heads up in the comment section.

So the Philadelphia 76ers are also 0-1. They lost to the Boston Celtics 112-95 on Wednesday night.  The rookie, Okafor shined for the sixers scoring 26 points, 10 of those in the first quarter. What are your predictions for tonight?  Who will lead the Jazz in scoring, rebounds, and assists?. Will we make more than 2 three-pointers?

Lately, I have been thinking about the idea of "owed". It seems like that idea has popped up a lot regarding athletes. Whether they are owed a raise (regardless),  whether they are owed certain minutes, or whether they are owed a starting position. I have a hard time believing that anyone is owed anything in that regard. I think that players earn their their pay, their minutes and their roles on the team. I don't think anyone on the Jazz is owed anything, not even Gordon Hayward.

This article which is a very poorly researched was published yesterday.  I mean the opening paragraph alone....

If you feel bad for Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke, then it’s justified because what is happening to him in Utah is inexcusable and it’s time to sever ties with the organization.

The article goes on to list the ways in which Trey has been disprected by the Jazz. This made me laugh

What does Snyder have against Burke and how is he not starting at point guard? For the second straight year, we get to see a below average rookie point guard start over Burke for no justifiable reason.

The article goes on and on about how defense isn't that important and that the Jazz's real problem is offense so it doesn't make sense that Trey is coming off the bench. He also said that it has yet to be proven that Raul is a better defender than Trey.

I have no issues with Trey. I think he has been very professional especially this last year. He says all the right things and seems to genuinely have a good attitude. I am not sure what Trey's role is quite yet. The team has changed a lot since his rookie year. It seems like he is a good player off the bench. The game against Detroit didn't really show that but usually his shoot-first offense is great for our reserve unit.

I personally don't know what this writer has against the Jazz or Quin. If Trey does not have issues with his role with the Jazz why should a random writer?

Here is a nice question and answer with Gordon Hayward on ESPN

Here's a sample question and answer. This question followed a question about all the changes that took place with the Jazz, Gordon's rookie year. (Sloan leaving, DWill traded)

Scoop: But now that you have a foundation, do you feel it's made you a better player?

Hayward: I do. I definitely think that I learned a lot of lessons in my first few years in Utah. Nothing was given to me or anything like that, so it was something where I learned a lot about the league and how it works. I was put in a lot of different situations. I came off the bench, started a little bit, I went back to the bench a little bit, I was the third option for a little bit, then I became a first option. Then learning how to be a "first option," you know that's a difficult thing to learn to do in this league, so it was good to have a couple of years where I kind of learned things like where you get your shots and how to get your shots and how to control the game, you know, all of those things definitely made me a better basketball player for sure. We're all still learning in Utah, we're still a very, very young team, so it was good to have that time and those experiences.

Go read. Hayward talks about Stockton and Malone, the honesty of Quin Snyder, being the Lebron James of the Utah Jazz, and more!

Tonight Trevor Booker will make his season debut. If you remember, Booker was suspended the first game of the season for "punching" Hibbert of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Aaron Falk has a great piece on Booker's suspension and return.

I liked this:

But Booker doesn't consider himself the Jazz's enforcer.

"We got guys that, you know, they don't take anything from anybody anyway," he said. "They know how to step up for themselves."

Woot! For so long we were a bunch of pansies. I love that we have men that are willing to stick up for themselves. I love that they have an identity and once again have team pride!

Welcome Back Booker. Go Jazz. Be Tough!

Rudy Gobert in a birthday hat? Rudy Gobert in a birthday hat!

Happy birthday to my bro @evanfournier10 Joyeux anniversaire gros! #92i

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