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The Downbeat #1761: Halloween Edition

Sorry I forgot to bring candy.



Philly will most likely be having nightmares about the Jazz for a while.  Coincidence that this Game Flow looks like the mountains of Utah?  I think not.

The #ReturnOfAB is in full swing.  He looked great against Philly posting a line of 15 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal.  He looks more and more confident and is doing Burks things.  Alec Burks is the type of guy who is a real X-Factor.  He can go in there and get bucks.

Trey Burke looked in control.  IN THE REGULAR SEASON.  Trey finished with 10 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds.  But most importantly he finished 5/10 from the field.  That's huge.  It's just one game, but if this Trey Burke comes to play off the bench the Jazz have some great things lying ahead.  Burk(e)s² is something to behold when it is on point.  No pun intended.

Utah Jazz Twitter Handle has a lot more sponsored tweets now.

What do you guys think?  Tasteful?  Annoying?  Meh?

From a business perspective I know why they are doing it.  It's a nice way to earn revenue and get incentivize their sponsors to pony up the big bucks.  But on the other hand ...

Gordon Hayward feels no sense of brotherly love in Philly.

I jumped out of my couch when I saw that one.  Pretty impressive.

Christmas is encroaching upon Halloween's territory more and more in recent years.  AND THIS DOWNBEAT WILL BE NO DIFFERENT.  I present to you Official NBA Christmas Socks.  Behold.

They are beautiful.  The jerseys this year are beautiful.  Even if the Jazz are not going to play in the Christmas game I think I'm going to snag one of these jerseys is all their Holiday beauty.

Now stop reading this.  Make a comment below.  Find a costume.  Getcha some candy.