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Raul Deep Is Your Love? The Downbeat #1741

We're all hungry like the wolf for Wolfie. Also: the Jazz as classical monomyth, rookie hula, and more. It's your Tuesday Downbeat.

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Turns out there's some new house dance track by the same name. Admittedly, I was thinking of the Bee Gees.

The point is, how deep is your love for Raul? After his six-assist, four-steal performance in Sunday night's preseason win over the Lakers, I think more than a few Jazz fans are carrying a torch. One preseason game in Hawaii is hardly enough time to make a decision about who will start at point guard during the regular season, but some folks are already calling it.

Premature exaggerations aside, my biggest worry with Neto will be his shot. He only scored two points on Sunday, and while very few players on the Jazz shot well -- again, preseason -- it's a known flaw in Neto's game. He may have been a ridiculous +20 on the court on Sunday, but eventually his defense and distribution won't be enough to carry him. Teams will sag off him, cut off his passing angles, and make dribble-penetration impossible. A shooting threat will keep them honest and let Wolfie hunt.

On the other hand, Quin Snyder has shown a willingness to deal with offensive deficiencies in exchange for impeccable defense (see also: Millsap, Elijah; Exum, Dante). Neto could be exactly what he's looking for. And with Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors to carry the scoring load for the starters, maybe that's enough. We'll see. For now, let us indulge in our crush.

Speaking of Quin Snyder and Matt Moore, the latter has posted an early guess at which coach is most likely to win Coach of the Year for this upcoming season. Snyder slides in at 12:

Imagine that a coach made a young, inexperienced team into a squad with a record as good as the Celtics over the last half of the season, except he did it in the Western Conference with actual, you know, competition. There you have Quin Snyder. The Jazz finished 19-10 after the All-Star break last season, and this year they have a team -- albeit a crazy young team -- that could very well challenge for the 8th seed in the West. Is that enough to get Snyder COY? Maybe not. But should a surprise team slip and allow Utah to jump higher than No. 8, and if they continue their defensive marvel, Snyder could well sneak into the conversation.

Some of the names above Snyder are first-year coaches on already-good teams, so you can tell Moore's handicapping these odds based on overall success. That means, in his estimation, a Jazz team likely to be at the fringes of the Western Conference playoff race just won't do well enough to get their coach into the conversation, especially now that the league knows what to expect from the new-look Jazz. Really, Snyder's time to be recognized was during the Jazz's post-All-Star-break run. Shame they don't give awards for half seasons.

Anyway, it won't really trouble me either way. This Jazz team is organized in such a way as to make individual honors unlikely on any level. We'll all just have to be okay with that.

FANPOSTS! Work obligations kept me from highlighting this last week, but hansenjames' exploration of the Utah Jazz through the lens of the classical monomyth deserves a Downbeat point all its own:

We are all experts at what makes a great story. Every one of us has our preferred mediums. Whether it's movies, TV shows, Books, the stage, etc., we all know whether a story is bad or good. But how? How do we just know? It's because we are all masters of the Monomyth.

So what is the Monomyth?

More commonly, it is known as the Hero's Journey. It is the steps that take place in EVERY story. Really, every single one. Well, at least the good ones. Name your favorite movie, book, whatever, it will hold most, if not all, of the elements of the Hero's Journey. Here's an amazing explanation of the Hero's Journey. Watch it, it'll blow your mind.

The best part about the Monomyth is how it can lay out what will happen in every story. And so now, let's look at the different characters of the Jazz story and find out what will happen this year.

Ah, it's like I'm back in my freshman-year humanities class. But seriously, this is a great read, and I endorse it.

Well, we know the Jazz have at least three players in ESPN's #NBArank top 100, although we probably could have figured that out already, given that the only players on the Jazz yet to be ranked are Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert, and Derrick Favors. The Worldwide Leader slotted Alec Burks in at 142, behind such luminaries as J.R. Smith and Ersan Ilyasova.

Let's just say I expect Alec to prove them wrong. And they'll all make this face.

Jazz rookies doing the hula? Jazz rookies doing the hula.

Jazz Rookies Learn the Hula! #AlohaJazz

Posted by Utah Jazz on Monday, October 5, 2015