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Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker suspended by NBA for one game for pimp slapping Roy Hibbert

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

According to Yahoo! Sports' amazing Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA will suspend the Utah Jazz' bigman Trevor Booker for one game for what he did to instigator Lakers tinman Roy Hibbert.

Booker will miss the season opener, on October 28th when the Jazz visit the Detroit Pistons. What we know from his intensity in two preseason games is that a contract year Booker is a heck-of-a-player. His intensity is sorely missed, because at least Enes Kanter was willing to kinda start fights and defend his guys. (First guy who stood up for Alec Burks in that Denver game where he was injured by Arron Afflalo was Kanter.... but we're not allowed to remember that.) Booker fills that role for this team, and frankly I don't think guys like Tibor Pleiss or Trey Lyles will ever be able to do what Booker does.

One game is worth exposing Hibbert.