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NBA Preseason: Utah Jazz at Phoenix Suns Game Thread

TV -- I don't think soRadio -- 1280 AM

Yes, that's right. Don't adjust your dial. Stockton was still carving people up in the 2000s.
Yes, that's right. Don't adjust your dial. Stockton was still carving people up in the 2000s.
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Tonight the Utah Jazz take on the Phoenix Suns. Both teams are undefeated this preseason, with the Suns hanging onto a four point, come from behind (wait, don't those two things mean the opposite?) victory over the Sacramento Kings at home; and the Jazz beating the Los Angeles Lakers twice on the road at a very partisan neutral location (do you even know what opposite means anymore, Amar?) in Hawaii. One of these teams is going to end up with a blemish after this game, and I think I know which team that will be. In this game where Quin Snyder 's giants go up against Jeff Hornacek 's speedsters the team that establishes the pace of play should win. And the team does can't will leave with the loss.

On paper the Suns have the highest value "name" players in Eric Bledsoe and Tyson Chandler. The Jazz probably have the best all-around players in Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors, though D-Fav is questionable for tonight. But in reality (not on paper) both teams have plenty of talent and this should be an evenly matched game.

Heck, even the fan distribution seems pretty even!

2015 2016 Preseason UTA at PHX

Everyone for Phoenix seems healthy for tonight, and Horny played 15 of their 17 guys in camp in their first game. On the other hand Utah will be without Dante Exum and Grant Jerrett (both not with the team), and possibly be without Favors. They for sure will be without Trey Burke tonight because he has been given the night off to better evaluate what's going on with Bryce Cotton. If you tap our phones, or are the NSA (redundant), then you know that this is what I felt would happen when I last talked to MyLo. It makes more sense to give one of the three PGs a night off than it is to try to split 48 mins between them. (In evaluation terms, larger sample size is better. And the sample size that matters here is what you do with the number of stints you have in a game . . . not the total number of games you play.)

Anyway, as a result, there are my assumed starters:

UPDATE: Favors will play and start

All of the regular rotation guys from Hornacek played at least 15 mins in their first game, and we should see guys like Jon Leuer, Devin Booker, T.J. Warren, and Mirza Teletovic plenty tonight. I think the Jazz could have a better bench when at full strength . . . but we'll see what happens tonight. I do know that the up and down type of game played could be one that helps get Rodney Hood on track, and he will be on the floor with Alec Burks and Gordon Hayward enough to make the other team worry.

It will also be a nice chance to see Ronnie Price up close and personal again . . . you know . . . if the game was on TV or whatever. Anyway, should be a fun game for those who are going to be following along with the espn line by line game score update things. (What is it, 2002 again?)