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The Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns are a lot closer than you think

Many players have played for both teams -- here's the list!

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Sure, the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns were both non-playoff teams in the Western Conference last season -- but there's more to it than that. And I don't just mean their time zone or their historically similar home jersey colors of purple and white. For one, well, they've both had a lot of the same players play for both franchises. Here's the list of people who have played for Phoenix and New Orleans / Utah (as far as I can tell):

1 Armen Gilliam 11 Howard Eisley 21 Milt Palacio
2 Brevin Knight 12 Jarron Collins 22 Otto Moore
3 Brooks Thompson 13 Jay Humphries 23 Raja Bell
4 Chris Morris 14 Jeff Cook 24 Randy Livingston
5 Danny Manning 15 Jeff Hornacek 25 Rich Kelley
6 Danny Schayes 16 Jerel McNeal 26 Ronnie Price
7 Dee Brown 17 Kenny Gattison 27 Tim Legler
8 Diante Garrett 18 Louis Amundson 28 Tom Chambers
9 Gail Goodrich 19 Mel Counts 29 Tom Gugliotta
10 Gordan Giricek 20 Mike Brown 30 Trevor Ruffin
31 Truck Robinson
32 Tyrone Corbin

Please note, the list also includes player assets that did not play for both teams, but were involved in trades and at least for a few hours were a Jazzman or Sunshine. (???) And yes, I did this mostly by memory for the Jazz part after cross referencing it against the All-Time Suns roster. And yes (part deux) these two teams are really consanguineous.

Which of these guys do you most associate with the Suns? Which of these guys is more of a Jazzman to you?