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Downbeat #1670: Gameday in Miami

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Miami game tonight. Mrs. Ingles. Odes to Quin. Favors is Awesome. 3PA's.

Why teams don't try to score a lot in the paint.
Why teams don't try to score a lot in the paint.
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There's a lot to look forward to regarding tonight's game:

  • Gobert vs. Whitesides. They kind of broke out at the same time last year. Whitesides has been very good this year, and while Rudy's D has been phenomenal, he hasn't quite been back offensively. So please be able to play, Rudy.
  • How do the Jazz respond after giving it all and still losing to the Cavs?
  • Burks vs. Wade. I don't know how much their games resemble each other at this point (especially if Alec keeps taking and making 3's like he has recently), but it's still fun to see Dwyane Wade vs. the guy once referred to as a Dwyane Wade light.
  • Can Gordon, the Crock Pot, Hayward continue warming up? After a pretty meh first three games, Gordo's been quite a bit better since (18.5 ppg, 3 rbd, 3 ast, 45% FG, 35% FT, 55% TS). But he still hasn't had a game like what we saw last year. But that's okay, cuz Gordo's always been a Slow Cooker.

I'm hoping the Jazz can stay Hot and pull out some Magic as they play the basketball in Florida. (You gotta be goooooood to write subtle allusions like this).

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So Mrs.Renee Ingles, netball champion, is coming to the USA to chill with Sloppy Joe:

U.S.A ✈️

A photo posted by Renae Ingles (Hallinan) (@renaeingles) on

I hope she finds time, between Jazz games and other stuff, get out and visit the Spiral Jetty ... which is, of course, the highlight of coming to visit Utah.

Apparently, we're not the only Quin Snyder fans around. From Moni's blog, it seems that Tom Thibideau has a serious thing for him:

Thibodeau was out there watching practice…He absolutely raved about the work habits of both the coaching staff and the players. He said they were a phenomenal practice team ... But when I watch his team play, I see the habits that will go into a team consistently improving throughout the year.

I think this is my favorite thing about Quin too ... that he's clearly a teacher and the players clearly develop habits and improvement over time. I also love that dreamy heartthrobbiness.


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Brad Doolittle at ESPN has ranked the PF's of the NBA, and our own little Derrick Favors came in #8 in his ranking (insider). That puts Favors right between Paul Millsap and Chris Bosh. My favorite snippet:

At 24, Favors looks ready for a string of All-Star-caliber seasons.

It's nice to see Favors get some attention, because his personality seems to kind of deflect it a bit. I would say that he has been the Jazz best and most complete player in the early going of this season.

I also hope this "All-Star caliber" play can turn into All-Star appearances. I also think a fro would help:

Favors Afro

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So two weeks ago I wondered if the 3-point shot was really as important as it was sometimes suggested. Since then the Jazz have shot more threes and the offense has looked much better. 24 vs. Denver, 27 vs. Memphis, and 24 against the Cavs.

And in what should probably not be a stunning coincidence, Rudy and Favors get better shots when all five guys aren't trying to be in the paint.

So I was probably wrong. More 3's are going to be very helpful for this team ... especially if Burks, Burke, Ingles, Hayward, and Hood can all make them at a good rate (as of now only Hood has been struggling to see the 3's go in).