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The Downbeat #1671: The "We Want the Winz NOW" Edition

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Welcome to your Friday Downbeat!

NOW! We want the winz NOW! - Quin
NOW! We want the winz NOW! - Quin
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Last night the Utah Jazz lost to the Miami Heat. By one point. One lousy point. 92-91. I know its early in the season and I know no one expected us to win the game. (We never really win in Miami) I know that we were without Rudy Gobert but dang if we didn't want this win and tbh don't we kind of expect wins now in our hearts of hearts not our brains of brains.

I had class last night so I didn't get to watch the game. I did get nice updates during the game from my Jazz BFF. So especially the last minutes of the game I felt like I was watching it. When I got home I took to Twitter and asked people's impressions of the game. Here are a few.

Clark on Burks

Amar provided great coverage of the game yesterday. We are so lucky to have him on this site. He captured how I felt and I didn't even get a chance to watch the game. Its how I felt with all our losses this year. In his game recap he said

This is a young team that is learning how to a) play in the NBA (our "vets" are just three or four guys), b) learning how to play in this system, and c) learning how to play with one another. This was supposed to be a loss when the schedule came out, and was supposed to be one without Rudy Gobert playing. So why are we so upset about this loss?

Because we know that the Utah Jazz are on the verge of being very, very good. And we are impatient! This is a good team here, and we can't wait to go crazy about them. So that's why 1 point losses to a possible NBA Finals team, on the road without two starters, makes us lose our minds.

While I didn't realize the HEAT were a possible NBA Finals team, I recognize that the win was not logically expected. But we are, like Amar said, on the verge of being very, very good. It's like we're within grasp of breaking out. It's hard to watch the team fall behind, make a run to make it a good game to make silly mistakes to give away the game. There seems to be lots of mistakes at critical moments. It comes down to experience. We are gaining that, so yay. Experience is a funny thing. When the Jazz went to the WCF in 2007. Deron was only a 2nd year player. Andrei was a six year player (like Favs and Hayward) and Boozer and Memo were only in their 5th year. Circumstances are different behind that WCF team and our team now but never did we really hear about youth when it came to that team. I wonder how much longer we can consider youth and inexperience a reason for losses with Favors and Hayward now in their 6th years!


The title of today's Downbeat came from the comment section of Amar's recap. I just loved it (agree 100% with it) and it cracked me up


Speaking of Favors check out this stat!

And this

He is truly our best most well rounded player!  When will he recognized by the national media? And our local media to a degree?

Love Favors

Do you want to meet Favors? He has a contest going on with his #FridayFavors campaign. From Favors' FB account:


I love his #FridayFavors. I do think we should try to plan something for the Utah based SLC Dunkers to do for it.

From Moni's weekly Jazz wrapup:


I love this sooooo much!! My two favorite Jazz players. I love the comradery that we have as a team. You can tell the team is close. Do you disrupt the chemistry to fix our issues on offense or strengthen the bench via trade?