Petition: Favors should grow a 'Fro

Copy/paste from the petition site:

Derrick Favors is an all-star NBA talent. He has the moves, he puts up the stats, yet the national media turns a blind eye to him. After much speculation, investigation, and deep pondering, the fans at SLC Dunk blog have found the one thing that will tip him over the edge, causing him to blast off into super-stardom.

An Afro is the X-factor.

If Derrick Favors were to grow an Afro, he would immediately be recognized by the national media (look at James Harden, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, etc.). He would dominate, and look even more "old-school" while doing it. He has the perfect head shape, and the perfect body shape to house an Afro. The Afro itself would better his defense, as his opponents could not see the basket if the Afro were blocking their view.

Think of the children.

If Favors cultivated a flourishing 'fro, it may be enough to jettison the Jazz into contention with teams like the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers - for nothing less than the championship.

Why should the Utah Jazz and Derrick Favors be supported for a meaningless title of superiority? Because it would increase his power to do service for those least privileged. Derrick Favors is already an avid participant in charity and service. He is launching a #FridayFavors campaign to encourage other people to take part in serving others by doing acts of kindness (favors) for others every Friday - and even more consistently than that. Derrick also takes part in many projects for children. A championship and multiple "all-star game" appearances would vastly increase his capabilities to serve other people, and influence others to serve as well. An Afro is the very last thing Derrick needs to be capable of achieving these things.

Please add your voice to our cause!

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