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Downbeat #1673- 10 Games In, Are the Jazz in Trouble?

Get out of the way, the Jazz are coming!
Get out of the way, the Jazz are coming!
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Jazz basketball is back in full swing with the team playing a whopping 4 games since last Monday, going through a tough east coast road trip and coming out of it 1-3. The Jazz now sit at 5-5 on the season and are currently tied for 7th in the West with the Nuggets.

The Jazz have fallen from grace and are no longer 2nd in the West or the top of their division as they were a short week ago.

What happened?

Are the Jazz in Trouble?

Are the Jazz going to be moved to Seattle?


Okay, now that we got those overreactions out of the way, let's look at the Jazz season so far:


At 76ers, At Pacers, At Nuggets, Vs. Grizzlies, At Hawks


At Pistons, Vs. Trailblazers, At Cavaliers, At Heat, At Magic


So what can we infer from this opening 10 game sample?

Well, first off, the Jazz have only had a league-low 2 home games. As much as it shouldn't make that much of a difference whether the Jazz play at home or away, it absolutely does and should be highly considered as a significant factor in some of these losses.

Some positives from this team so far:

Favors has been an absolute stud so far this season! (Averaging 16 points, 9 rebounds, 2.2 steals, and 1.7 blocks)

Burke has found his shot, especially his outside shot!

Burks has been shouldering the offensive load, and has been obliterating opposing benches in that sixth man slot.

Gobert is king.

Hood is the real deal, averaging 13 points as a sophomore. He is the player we all wanted C.J. Miles to become.

The Jazz are 9th in the league in 3-Point Percentage while making 36% of their shots.

Some notes that may become red flags if they persist all season:

Hayward is still in a bit of a funk, he's regressed back to 2012-13 Hayward. Still a solid player, but not one capable of leading a team to the playoffs at this point. I'd love to see the alpha dog Hayward of the 2014-15 season again, please!

We really only have 6 players I trust to have a net positive effect on this team on a consistent basis in Burke, Burks, Hood, Hayward, Favors, and Gobert. Ingles would be the only low usage player that I am reasonably pleased with at this point. We need the other players deep in our rotation to start stepping up or at the very least not be a liability when they are on the court.

The Jazz are still 29th in assists per game at 18.7. (On the plus side, they allow a league-low 16.8 assists per game, the keystone of Jazz games this year is that they are appear to play very similarly to grudge matches every single night)

The Jazz are 24th in 3 point attempts this season with only 20 per game. I'd love for them to break into that 25 to 28 attempts per game range.


Some of these issues should fix themselves, but I can see some of them persisting but hopefully not so much to hold our team back too much.

Keep it up Jazz, you're still on track for that 6th-8th seed in the West in my book!

Jazz West escaped with a victory over Jazz East yesterday by 1 point. It may have been ugly at times, but it was great to see the Jazz finally get a quality road win.

Amar's got your recap of the game here: Jazz-Hawks Recap

Game highlights:

A quick request before delving into this portion of the downbeat (even though you all are overall great about this for the most part): Please respectfully refrain from any spiteful comments, hate speech, etc., directed towards any religion in the comments here at SLC Dunk. Thank you

Tumultuous events have been occurring around the world the last few days such as the Paris terrorist attacks and other sad inexcusable happenings, I will not go any further into details as any news site will have you more than covered in that department. I only bring it up as these occurences can greatly impact people directly involved with this team, as the most striking member of our team has shown his support for his home country through these tough times.

All my prayers and respect go to the French at this time as they make it through these times.

What would you do to get a picture in a Too Big Yo!-Sloppy-Slo-Mo-Big-Sneaky-Slippery-Go-Go-Gadget-FroYo-Joe Sandwich?

There will be a bit of a lull in Jazz action for the rest of this week as they only play home against the Raptors on Wednesday (7 PM Utah time) and at the Mavericks on Friday (6:30 PM Utah Time).

Here's to hoping the Jazz build on the momentum from their win yesterday. The team is happy to finally be back from that road trip!