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The Downbeat #1783: The Worst Song about Gordon Hayward


Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

I found the absolutely worst song about Gordon Hayward.  You're welcome.  It's so bad it's awesome.

Speaking of Gordon Hayward, he finally broke out against the Clippers with 33 points.  The Utah Jazz will tip off against the New Orleans Pelicans today at 7:00PM MST.  Gordon Hayward over his career has averaged 15 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists against the Pellies.  He has done this on 45% shooting and 44% from 3.  Without Anthony Davis manning the middle tonight (still questionable) the Jazz could have a blowout on their hands.  This will be a perfect game for Gordon Hayward to get back in rhythm for the season.

Rudy Gobert made it as part of the AP's pictures of the week.  Caption this picture.

Alec Burks is one of the league leaders in points per drive.  DRIVE THE BASKET ALEC AND GIVE UP THOSE LONG TWOS.  Please, thank you.

In addition, Alec Burks is shooting almost 39% from three.  Seriously Alec, shoot threes and drive the hoop EVERY TIME YOU HAVE THE **** BALL.  On long 2s, Alec Burks is shooting 21.9%.  Stop that right now.

The Jazz will rise and fall with the quality of their point guard play.  More than any player on the roster, Raul Neto has the unenviable task of filling the shoes of a 20 year old #5 pick phenom for a season.  Last night against the Clippers Raul Neto showed that he had the potential to play great defense and play big under the bright lights of Los Angeles.  Raul Neto might not ever put up the scoring numbers of which Trey Burke is capable, but he can be the nitrous that takes the Jazz's offense to another level through his playmaking ability and court vision.  In the 3rd quarter against LAC, when Trey Burke was out with back spasms, Raul Neto stepped up big.  Maybe it was because Raul was allowed to get into a rhythm, maybe it was the adrenaline of the situation, maybe it was a fluke.  Whatever it was, the Jazz take a huge step forward when Raul is on his game.

Raul Neto can guard at a league average level.  He can score at a league average level.  He can assist at an elite level.  That's all the Jazz need.  They don't need someone to score 25 points from the point guard position.  They need someone who can guard their position, get their playmakers the ball, and hit open shots.  Raul Neto showed he is very well capable of that when given the opportunity in Los Angeles.  Now with Trey Burke possibly out tonight, Raul will get another shot to show he can be a reliable piece to the starting lineup equation and Dante Exum's eventual backup and sidekick in the future.