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Utah Jazz Big Three Round-Up Week 5: Gordon Hayward is heating up!

Who showed up during the last week? I don't know about you, but I know Gordon is finally waking up!

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At the start of the week the Utah Jazz were 6-6. A drubbing at home to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday wasn't fun at all. However, the guys collected themselves and took care of business against the Los Angeles Clippers in their gym, and the sickly New Orleans Pelicans. So at the end of the week the team was 8-7. They are above .500 now, and I hope they slowly climb higher. I think they have a chance too because G-Time is finally waking up. The team is finding their roles, and gelling together. But this is still a star dominated league, and ultimately the Jazz will only climb as high as their Big three can take them. So let's look at what Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Rudy Gobert did this week!

Let's check it out:


Gordon Hayward:

Part of the reason why so many of us haven't been going crazy for Hayward this season so far is that we've seen what he's capable of. Frankly, he's on a different scale than the rest of the class. And that's why he's been only a "Three Star" player so far this season. This last week he showed more of that "take control" level that he -- and countless other stars -- can reach. The thing is that we don't want to see it twice a month anymore. It's his sixth season, after all. I'm sure the coaches feel the same way, and Gordon too. Anyway, expectations aside, he really had a very solid week. He played 105.83 minutes in the three games, going over 40 mins in the Clippers game. In that game he really was on fire from deep and his 5/7 from downtown only tell part of the story. He was getting to the line, and pulling down rebounds as well.

For the week he averaged over 20 ppg for the first time in a long time, and shot much better than any other time this season. If he can consistently be a 20 ppg guy that opens everything else up for not just him, but the rest of the team.

This Week's Performance: 23.0 ppg (.4583 / .5385 / .8182), 3.67 rpg, 2.67 apg, 2.33 spg, 0.00 bpg

Star Meter: His great week, including dropping 30+ on a big market team on the road, should open some eyes. I can proudly say that his star is rising . . . and is now a four star player again!

Star StarStar Star


Derrick Favors:

Derrick had a family issue that needed to be taken care of in the last game, and thus missed a chance to destroy Anthony Davis. (Booker took care of him, though.) As a result we only have two games worth of data from Favors. Derrick has been the rock for this team all season long, and probably will remain our most important player even if Hayward can get to 20 ppg here on out. He did play in just 62.28 minutes last week, but that's like a half season for Kyrylo Fesenko, so let's take a look at what he did.

Favors' also had a big game against the Clips, as he finished with 22 points. His scoring has been great over the last month, and he's just so damn efficient when he finally gets the ball. He didn't hit the glass that hard, but he still remains impressive all around.

This Week's Performance: 16.50 ppg (.5600 / -- / .7143), 5.00 rpg, 2.00 apg, 2.50 spg, 1.00 bpg

Star Meter: While he's still not getting to the line as much as he should, he's making his free throws. That's huge. Favors remains the most overlooked, yet somehow still rising, star in the league.

Star Star StarStar


Rudy Gobert:

You know how many double-double Rudy Gobert would have if he played more than 31.69 mpg? A lot. Rudy -- despite not a lot to back him up -- played 95.08 minutes last week and was a dominant force in the paint all week long. While he didn't have the strongest game of his career against OKC, he made sure to be the big dog against LAC and NOP. And the big dog ate this week.

He just really needs to get the ball a little more, or perhaps play another 2-3 minutes every game. Seriously, he's a SLIVER away from being a double double guy, especially with that FG%!

This Week's Performance: 9.67 ppg (.7333 / -- / .6364), 10.00 rpg, 0.33 apg, 1.33 spg, 2.00 bpg

Star Meter: Rudy, like Favs, only gets to the line 3.5-4.0 times a game. He's going to somehow be more consistent from there to make the other team pay. Rudy will have to make do with the Spursian minutes limitations and become more efficient when he's on the court if he wants to get to the next level. I think he can, though. I suspect Rudy does too.

Star Star StarStar



Stepping Up:

It wasn't just the usual suspects this week stepping up, which is great to see!

  • Rodney Hood: 12.67 ppg, 3.33 apg, 2.67 rpg, 1.67 spg -- while his shooting is off (only 28.57 3pt% last week) he continues to find great passing angles on offense.
  • Alec Burks: 12.33 ppg, 4.33 rpg, 2.67 apg -- Alec also shot poorly this week (.3889 / .1667 from deep), but still finds a way to be good when the team needs him to be. It's frightening for fans of both teams. His 21 / 5 / 4 game against the Pellies was spectacular.
  • Raul Neto: 6.67 ppg, 3.67 apg, 2.00 rpg, 2.00 spg -- The somewhat forgotten starter in all the "Wing T" mania is learning the NBA game, and is going to end up teaching some vets a few lessons before the season is over.
  • Trevor Booker: 6.33 ppg, 7.33 rpg, 1.67 apg, 1.00 spg, 1.00 bpg -- Booker stepped up the most by starting for Favors against The Brow, and he held his own with a 13 / 15 / 5 / 3 / 3 game. Wow!

Honorable mentions: While Hood and Burks are in a shooting slump Trey Burke continues to cook, shooting 40% from deep during an injury limiting week . . . Joe Ingles is only playing 10.14 mpg, but he's one of the most useful guys out there when he is running on the court . . . Jeff Withey is a machine on defense -- he just seems to inhale rebounds, lose balls, and we all knew about his shot blocking, but he also averaged 1.00 spg in 7.53 mpg this week . . . Trey Lyles shot 50 fg% this week, and he's only getting better . . . Chris Johnson has killed all of Elijah Millsap's minutes. If this was a mobile card trading game, he'd use him as fodder to upgrade.


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