2014-2015 game threads

i collected some data together about the game threads from last year. i meant to post this over the summer but got laaaazzzy.

for 2014-2015, we posted an average of 513.7 comments and a median of 523 comments per game. (the standard deviation is 161.6, so most game threads lie in the 352-675 comments range and the true outliers can be found outside the 191-837 range.) here is the graph of the number of game thread comments for each game.

# of comments in game threads

the 5 games (including the 2 outliers) with the most comments were

  1. 919 comments on the 12 Mar HOU@UTA game that the Jazz won 109-91.
  2. 915 comments on the 28 Mar OKC@UTA game that the Jazz won 94-89. (Kanter!)
  3. 752 comments on the 2 Jan UTA@ATL game that the Jazz lost 92-98.
  4. 748 comments on the 7 Jan UTA@CHI game that the Jazz won 97-77.
  5. 746 comments on the 9 Jan UTA@OKC game that the Jazz lost 94-99. (Booker's miracle shot!)

the 5 games (including the 2 outliers) with the least comments were

  1. 118 comments on the 29 Nov LAC@UTA game that the Jazz lost 96-112.
  2. 137 comments on the 27 Mar UTA@DEN game that the Jazz lost 91-107.
  3. 197 comments on the 20 Dec UTA@CHA game that the Jazz lost 86-104.
  4. 229 comments on the 18 Jan UTA@SAS game that the Jazz lost 69-89.
  5. 249 comments on the 26 Nov UTA@OKC game that the Jazz lost 82-97.

maybe you noticed the same thing i did.. that when the Jazz are getting blown out, everyone does the equivalent of leaving the game thread at half time.

i computed some correlation coefficients to see what stood out. just as you guessed, the most closely correlated stat (that i could find, at least) to the number of comments is the margin of victory. for your convenience, here is the graph of margin of victory for each game.

margin of victory

besides the beginning of the season, where excitement probably drives more comments than game play warrants, the overall trends of the two graphs are pretty similar: we tend to comment more in games the Jazz are winning. i also suspect that both wins and close games fuel extra post-game comments on the game thread.

here are a few more statistics.

  • 552.4 comments per win versus 480.3 comments per loss.
  • 540.7 comments per home game versus 486.7 comments per away game.
  • weekend games (especially the early ones) have the fewest comments on average.
  • curiously though, the gap between winning and losing on the weekend is the widest. for instance, a saturday win gets 568.7 comments (2nd only to a thursday win) while a saturday loss gets only 337.7 comments (2nd only to a sunday loss).

to finish, here are some bar graphs of comments by day of the week, start time, and home/away.

avg by day of the week

avg by time

avg by home/away

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