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The Downbeat #1766: Much Stifle Very Rudy

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Don't Go-Bert.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Rudy Gobert is now averaging 3.6 blocks a game.  That is good for 3rd most in the NBA, tied with Serge Ibaka.  He is turning into the monster that most thought he would be.  Rudy on offense has struggled a bit as he has tried testing his new skills that he worked on during the summer.  To his credit, most on the Jazz have struggled, with Gordon Hayward barely busting out of his slump against Denver.  Jazz will play the Grizzlies tonight.  Rudy seems to have a rivalry with the Gasol brothers.  We'll have to watch that block total tonight as he could be up for a big game.

In one night Gordon Hayward turned around all of his season averages.  (IMAGINE THAT, HIS SLUMP WAS SMALL SAMPLE SIZE).  He is now shooting 33% on 3 pointers and 38.8% from the field.  I imagine that he's going to continue to trend up against Memphis as he looked to be finding his place in the offense.

Trey Lyles finally got his first bucket.  Now get more of them.

We need to give Quin Snyder some credit for making in game adjustments.

Not only that but their defense kicks it up in the 2nd half.  We first witnessed it against the Pacers were the Jazz shut down the Pacers offense then we saw them do it to Denver.  Quin Snyder is making some great adjustments but the Jazz need to come ready to play in the 1st half.  If they did they wouldn't have lost to Detroit or Portland.  The Jazz still have not had a complete game.  Here's hoping Memphis is that game.

Derrick Favors' twins are adorable.