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The Downbeat #1795: The "Why'd We Have to Play the Utah Jazz?" Edition

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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday. Happy Game Day. On Wednesday the Jazz obliterated the New York Knicks. I won't write about that since Amar and Yucca both have.

Tonight the Jazz take on the  Oklahoma City Thunder. Tonight they play at home and on Sunday they play in OKC. We'll have played Oklahoma City like 300 times by the end of Sunday. Ok not 300 but 3 times (not including preseason) and we're only 20 games in the season.

Luckily the Thunder will be on a back-to-back. The Thunder beat the Hawks at home 107-94.

What do you want to see from the Jazz tonight?

Total randomness but we are at .500 or have a positive winning percentage against 23 teams in the NBA. I think of all the years of dominance that Stockton and Malone had. As the years pass, I am more and more impressed with how well they played and for so long. The NBA is very different from the Stockton to Malone days but in my opinion it's still impressive that only 6 teams have winning records against the Jazz. Who are those 6 teams?

Boston Celtics (37-53)

Chicago Bulls (45-49)

Los Angeles Lakers (64-104)

New York Knicks (45-46)

Seattle Supersonics/OKC Thunder (76-97)

San Antonio Spurs (76-97)

Geez over a hundred losses to the Lakers.

The team we have beat the most over the years?

The Denver Nuggets (105-75) with Golden State super close behind (103-68)

The team we have played the most?

Houston Rockets (106)

It's no wonder we have such heated battles against the Rockets.

I miss Rudy. I miss Rudy a lot. The Jazz miss Rudy. The Jazz miss Rudy a lot. I can't break down the defensive issues the Jazz have had since Rudy got injured, but they are plentiful.The Jazz's defense was beginning to slip even before Rudy went down. Thoughts?

Anyways I love watching Rudy. Let's flashback to the 2013 Summer League for some vintage Gobert highlights.

Rudy Gobert 6pts/10reb/3blk - 7/12/13 from Jazzbasketball on Vimeo.

I love to play the piano. I love the Utah Jazz. Sometimes when I play the piano I think of the Utah Jazz, never more so than when I play Everyday by Carly Commando. Back in 2008 clear back when the Jazz were just plain fun to watch.  The NBA had a campaign "Where Amazing Happens" they made video highlights of different teams set to Everyday. This is the video for the Jazz.

I was thinking about this video when playing the piano the other day. I thought how drastically our team differs from that Jazz team. Don't get me wrong I am dang excited about our current team. But you know me, emotions and emotional connections mean nearly everything to me in my sports fandom. I felt a very large connection to that 2007-2008 team. It was a special team (I also loved the very similar 2006-2007 team).

I am starting to feel an emotional connection to our 2015 team. I believe the connection is forming because of three reasons. The first reason is chemistry. The team is beginning to show overt signs of chemistry with each other. It excites me to feel these emotions again. I think another reason for the emotional connection is because the team is forming an identity. (Defense and strong coaching). Lastly, I am feeling an emotional connection to the Jazz because winning is becoming important again.

Are you emotionally connected to this 2015-2016 Utah Jazz? Why or why not?

It's Christmas time! If you were to buy a Christmas present for Quin Snyder what would it be?