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Utah Jazz will take on New Orleans Pelicans without Joe Ingles, wing depth very shallow now

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Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Utah Jazz will start out their epic three game home stand against the New Orleans Pelicans. New Orleans is a tough team when healthy, and in the past have defeated the Jazz when missing a few guys. "Missing a few guys" could actually be their team motto this season as they have started 13 different guys this season. Tonight they will toil without Quincy Pondexter. Filling in the roll for "missing a few guys" in this game will be the Utah Jazz. Utah will be without starting center Rudy Gobert and starting point guard Dante Exum. That's not all!

For tonight, one night only, they will also be without Dante's Aussie mate Joe Ingles. Ingles, who was a starter last season has come off the bench for each of his 23 games this season. (Obviously we're making room for the coronation of Rodney Hood, who somehow starts over a healthy Alec Burks.) Joe will miss tonight because of a previously scheduled oral surgery. (Make your own newlywed joke here) So, while Joe isn't as big a part of the team this season as he was last season, he was still playing 11.7 mpg.

So who picks up the slack? There's about a quarter's worth of work that Quin Snyder needs to give minutes to. The remaining wing rotation is as follows:

I don't see Hayward, Hood, or Burks playing less than usual. Some of Burks' minutes will be at point guard though. So who gets the call of (spot) duty tonight, while Joe recovers? No matter who plays, the Jazz will miss his excellent court vision, spot up shooting, and hustle. He is shooting 39% from deep, and does a little of everything whenever he gets consistent minutes.

If you want to replace his shooting you play Christapher more. If you want to replace his grit you play Eli. If you want to make up for what he does you just end up playing the first three guys more. (Though foul trouble will determine if that's even possible.)