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Utah Jazz go wire to wire for the win over the Phoenix Suns

Oh, and Alec Burks did a thing.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor's note: This image is just a placeholder until the Alec Burks dunk photo arrives. Also, the servers cannot contain it currently because it would melt them down without reinforcements.

UPDATE: Image updated)

After four straight losses, the Jazz have won two in a row with a win over the struggling Suns.  The Jazz took control early, jumping to a 29-11 lead.   Phoenix didn't hit double figures until 3:31 left in the first.  Crazy how good starts help the Jazz.

The Jazz starters controlled the game with the bench managing to keep the point margin in tact.  The Suns got as close as seven late in the second quarter, but never threatened after that.

Gordon Hayward got the Jazz going in the right direction early scoring 12 of his 24 in the first quarter.  Derrick Favors started slow but ended with 18 & 9 on 6/12 shooting.

Of course there was a little thing that happened late in the fourth quarter that you might have seen:

Good night.

I think I screamed louder than I have before because Alec finally got one of these to go down.  He's had so many in-game attempts where he would have ended someone and they haven't gone down for whatever reason.

Of course, the bench reaction adds 100 to this dunk

And last but not least, Trevor Booker's reaction:

What a great cap to a win.

Up next: Warriors.