Would you trade Hayward?

Disclaimer: I probably have some kind of mental disorder with ESPN's NBA trade machine. The smart business decision is to not do any of the following trades. But I just want input on the possibilities.

Why would the Jazz trade Hayward? Well his contract is up in a year and a half (ala Deron Williams when he was traded.) Now he is not a locker room problem who as likely to leave as Deron was. But is he worth the max contract extension a player with 7 years qualifies to receive? The percentage of the cap is much higher than the max contract after a rookie contract, though I don't have exact figures. If we made a good trade and then got lucky enough to sign Batum or Harrison Barnes during the offseason I think we come out way ahead. The contracts for Batum or Barnes will be lower because the cap is skyrocketing each of the next two summers.

So here are a couple ideas. Remember none of the trades are home runs because the other team doesn't do a deal that obviously favors the Jazz. Hayward also has a trade kicker in his contract so that will slightly discourage teams from doing a deal.

First option: Miami gets Hayward, Jazz get Justice Winslow, Luol Deng, and relieves Miami's tax burden a bit by also taking salary filler. (Probably Chris Anderson) Ideally, I would think Miami has to add a draft pick but they don't have one this year. A protected 2018 should work though.

Miami gets to improve their chances of playing for another championship with Wade. Jazz get a guy with a ton of potential but currently shooting 25% on 3 point shot.

Second option: Toronto gets Hayward, Jazz get Cory Joseph, Terrance Ross, Bruno Caboclo, and James Johnson. Jazz also receive a Toronto pick and the least favorable of the New York and Denver pick. (Toronto does not have both, just the least favorable.)

Toronto improves their chances of winning a playoff series. But with 3 high paid wings in Derozan, Hayward, and Demarre Carroll, how do they manage the minutes? The Jazz should only do this if they can flip Cory Joseph for a pick. The Jazz get back a decent wing player and hopefully a lottery pick. However, the lottery pick probably won't be in the top ten. Honestly this is my least favorite scenario but I don't watch Ross enough to know if he still has untapped potential. He did have a 51 point game, I believe.

Third option: The best offer you can get from Boston, Phoenix, or the 76ers. There are so many combinations there that I won't even list any specific scenarios but please let me know what combo you would like.

While typing this and checking my facts I saw that Alec fractured his fibula. I don't want to be the 76ers and tank so hard that it makes fans want to vomit. However, there is a key difference. We tried to field a young, playoff competitive team. The bench was shallow to allow the team flexibility to develop players and take advantage of trade opportunities. So enough of our players have gone down that tanking may be the best option. Lots of teams are winning so dropping like a rock in the standings won't be hard. It would be similar to Milwaukee when they got Jabari Parker. They didn't start the season to tank but it happened anyway.

All of these options are tanking as Gordon is so vital to the team. I would love to get young assets and sign Batum during the offseason, but let me know what you think.

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