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Utah Jazz Beat the Indiana Pacers!

Utah Jazz beat the Indiana Pacers to sweep the seasons series. Jazz win 122-119. Derrick Favors (35), Raul Neto (13), and Paul George (48) all score career highs.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Wow!! Here's a quick recap before Amar puts up a long one. But wow! this game. Its incredible to think that at one point we were up by 17, trailed by what 5 with 1:18 to go, found a way to bring the game to overtime and won!

3 Highlights:

Booker- What a flu game for Booker. Booker kept the Jazz in the game with his hustle plays, offensive rebounds (6) and clutch free throws.

Neto- What a stretch in the 3rd quarter! Jazz started the third on a 13-2 run. Neto scored 9 out of the 13 points and assisted on another 2 of the points by assisting on a beautiful pick and roll to Favors!

Favors- MY GOODNESS did Favors have himself a game! Favors scored a career high, 35 points! Played consistent and clutch clutch clutch basketball! Favors was just amazing.

Also this:


3 lowlights:

1) Paul George had a career high of 48 points.  He had himself a game. I am just glad he didn't have himself a game and the win. It seems like Gordon played the best defense on him.

2) Fouling on the 3 point shot..... I lost track of how many times the Jazz got called for fouling a 3 point shooter after 5. I have never seen a team get called for so many 3 point fouls.

3) Losing a 17 point lead. Thank goodness they came out with the win.

Go Jazz! The Jazz are back at .500 (9-9) and are sitting 7th in the Western Conference standings!

PS This celebration!!