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Downbeat #1790: Most Exciting Win of the Season

Is Neto making more in today's NBA than he would as a male supermodel? Hard to say...
Is Neto making more in today's NBA than he would as a male supermodel? Hard to say...
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz are going through their time of reckoning currently with 2 of their defensive leaders/starters out in Exum and Gobert. If the Jazz can manage to win half of their games during this Gobertless stretch, then you all as well as the rest of the world are going to see a dangerous and extremely hungry Jazz team this playoffs.

So there you have your current assignment Jazz team, win at least half your games for the 20 or so remaining games that Rudy will be out, then his return shall help reinforce this franchise back to its glory of being able to win playoff games for the first time in over 5 years!

The overtime win against the Pacers over the weekend was one of the most exciting wins of the season thus far! Favors was quite the beast with his career high in points:

Make sure to take a read of the excellent game recap: Utah Jazz beat the Indiana Pacers!

GOAT celebration? GOAT celebration!

Gobert is using his time on the sidelines getting ready to carry the Jazz through to the playoffs in the 2nd half of the season like the behemoth he is!

A video posted by Rudy Gobert (@rudygobert27) on

BREAKING NEWS: Gordon Hayward's hair is freshly cut; swoon at your own risk

Shout-out to the team's cutest most Australian couple (probably) as they pose during a stroll at the park with Joe wielding an Australian football

Nice little morning walk with @renaeingles

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Has there ever been a player more photogenic on the Utah Jazz than Raul Neto? Leave your feedback in the comments (No, Fesenko or Ostertag do not count)

Have a great week everyone, the Jazz games this week are:

Tuesday @ Kings (8 PM)

Wednesday vs. Knicks (7 PM)

Friday vs. Thunder (7 PM)

Sunday @ Thunder (5 PM)

I would say the safe bet  for one of the subjects of next week's Monday downbeat will involve the recent rivalry, or at the least chippy games, between the Thunder and the Jazz.

Random tidbit before I conclude today regarding the East and the West this year...