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Mo Williams traded to Charlotte Hornets, reunites with Al Jefferson and Marvin Williams

Sometimes a lotto team trades you away for second round pick in 2019

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Two seasons ago the Utah Jazz proudly started Mo Williams, Marvin Williams, and Al Jefferson -- and they proceeded to fail to make the playoffs in the harsh Western Conference. Today the Charlotte Hornets feel like a little #MOLO is just what their #PLAYOFFPUSH needs. The Hornets are 22-29 right now, and in the East a team that's winning 43% of their games is granted the 7th seed. The Hornets are trying to hold off the Brooklyn Nets (1.0 games behind), and the Detroit Pistons (2.5 games behind). This move, they hope, will help them do just that.

Minnesota traded Mo Williams, Troy Daniels, and cash to the Hornets. In return our North West division cousins will be receiving Gary Neal and a 2019 2nd rounder. As for that pick, well....

Yeah, so Minny is losing Mo, his leadership, and this makes sense as Ricky Rubio is back. Williams is only earning $3.75 million this season. So that's not much. Troy Daniels, went undrafted in 2013, and has a very cheap multi-year deal that is approximately less than what Kyrylo Fesenko is making this year in some North West Asian Breakaway Republic league. (Like the Ghengis Khan league.... no doubt he travels to game by coal powered trains.)

Minny gets back, well, Gary Neal. That's not bad. The 2019 pick could be cool too. I don't know. I don't even know if I will be alive to see it. But I hope it works out for them.

But the real issue here is "does this make the Bobcats better?"

I guess so. Mo will win you about 2 games this season, but I don't know how many he will lose you. He knows Marvin and Big Al, so it's fun. The idea of stocking up on Utah Jazz players have worked for the Atlanta Hawks. Not so much for the Chicago Bulls a few seasons ago, or the Brooklyn Nets . . . so . . . yeah . . . it'll be fun for these players. And some fans are happy to see such a bounty in return for Gary Neal.

So, who won this trade?