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Play Fantasy Basketball with FanDuel, and win that money!

C'Mon Fans. Make. That. Money. FanDuel has tournaments costing just $1 to enter that can result in big payoffs if you win. Do the right thing!

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I'm not going to sugar coat it for you gals and guys anymore. I know you are Utah Jazz fans. Therefore you are objective, smart, and good looking. Also, it means that while your team hasn't been that lucky over the decades, but the universe has a way of evening itself out. YOU should be lucky as a result. And the best way to test that is to play fantasy basketball with FanDuel.

Join FanDuel and enter their $2 one-day tournament with a $10,000 first prize. Haven't played before? No problem! Sign up here and get a 100% deposit bonus up to $200. You'd have to be a Lakers fan to say no!

As for tonight, there are a lot of games to take a look at. Expect Damian Lillard to destroy the Lakers. LeBron James will have something special tonight for the Miami Heat. And Ricky Rubio can't guard any of the Golden State Warriors guards, so don't pick him. Three hints for free! What a swell guy I am!

Anyway, I've used up my quota of exclamation marks, and will post this now. Play FanDuel. Win. That. Money.