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Jazz bigman Rudy Gobert 's full Rising Stars Challenge game highlights

Relive Gobzilla's dominance all over again!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's unofficially Rudy Gobert day here at SLC Dunk, and probably in the rest of Utah Jazz land right now. In one game he dominated, broke the small market team ESPN Richter scale, and ended up putting himself in the franchise history books. Until the NBA makes an All-Star Weekend "Blocks" contest this is all we're going to see from him until he becomes an All-Star in his own right -- and that may happen in 2 years. But before we get there let's linger a little on his play from last night.

Via the amazing Dawk Ins

The Jazz have a tough schedule ahead of them, and an energized and improved Rudy -- with the added benefit of Refs letting him play his game -- will only make the second half of the season something special to watch!